AMD R9 295X2 Vesuvius GPU Selling for $650 – Absolutley Insane Value for 4K Gaming

The price of AMD Dual GPU setups is completely bonkers right now, where just 6 months ago 4K gaming was the realm of gamers with budgets exceeding the $1500 mark, now you can get the same thing for an astonishingly low price of $650.

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hiredhelp2046d ago

Nice price for a dual 290x ive been very tempted myself ive been rolling with my 7970 since it launched but MSAA really cripples it in demanding games now.

codelyoko2046d ago

This is the best thing to buy right now. DX12 wont arrive in full force till 1 - 1.5 years at least which should be just in time for an upgrade. Or just get a Maxwell card for futureproofing.

mixelon2045d ago

I'm on a OC'd 7970 too..

I can't decide if I need to upgrade or not. :/ FC4 could definitely run better!

hiredhelp2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Yeh if you want awsome FC4 fps then set to very high instead ultra as barely much differnce. Now i get between 60-85 in game. But you notice all cut scenes locked to 30 then gets unlocked once back in gameplay rather intresting.

Another cheaper option if you own a 7970 cos there actually still seen as high end despite the miss print in the article if you want challange me on this pm me. Um yeh if you cant afford the r9 295x why dont you slap in another 7970 ok it wont be as fast but it still give u ubber performance at low cost.
Btw if u cant grab a 7970 you cant find one pair it with a r9 280x as it same card just rebranded tahiti x chips fab overclockers low udp.

DevilOgreFish2045d ago

freaking hell this is a great deal, 11.2 Tflops of power for $650! That's Almost a generational leap over the current gen.

Bdub20002045d ago

11.2 tflops vs PS4 1Tflop? Yeah, I'd say that's at least a generational leap! I Wish this was in the budget right now...

Volkama2045d ago

And that's if you buy 1...

I picked one of these up and swapped out one of my 290s, so I now have a 295x-2 and a 290 in tri-fire. It's over 15tflops, 400% more pixels, totally different league to the consoles.

I still like my consoles though. Pushing tech specs is almost a separate hobby to playing games, I can have fun playing games on a console.

Will add that it is weird and cringeworthy watching Sony fans wave their 1080p banners and claim superiority over XBox fans though.

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Sir_Simba2045d ago

Only do this if you are not paying power bills, for me this is a no no.

Svinya2045d ago

Sorry, but 4k gaming is so yesterday and is only for poor peasants anymore. 8k is where it's at. PC master race.

DrRobotnik2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

8k!?...pfft! That's so two minutes ago. 16k is were its at now! I can see into the freaking 4th dimension on my rig! Futrure proof? Please, mines apokalypse proof!

filchron2044d ago

show glasses free 1080P 3D in 60fps on a 60" glasses free OLED or a lightfield display. 2D is so 2008..