Japanese Actor Banjō Ginga Currently Recording Dialogue in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Four actors — Tomokazu Sugita (Kazuhira Miller), Satoshi Mikami (Ocelot), Osamu Saka (Code Talker) and Stefanie Joosten (Quiet) — have already been in the studio to record lines for their respective characters, with Kojima now having a “key person” from the Metal Gear Solid series joining him for the latest recording session: Banjō Ginga.

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Raider692051d ago

jUST give the world the option to play in jap again!

Playdor2051d ago

Looking forward to playing this. In English by the way.

LaFleur2051d ago

Great news. Glad that progress is continuing on the development of the title!

chrissx2051d ago

snake, snaaaaaakuuu *gameover

Eamon2051d ago

Voice actor of Zero? So Major Zero confirmed then.

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