Black Friday: GAME to sell Xbox One with 4 games for £299.99

Dealspwn reports: "Numerous GAME branches are set to open at midnight tonight in order to deliver some Black Friday bargains, and a new TV advert suggests that an Xbox One bundle might be the cream of the crop."


"UPDATE: GAME have confirmed that this deal will also be available online from midnight!"

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FuzzyPixels2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Man, if they'd replaced Unity with Far Cry 4 or Titanfall or COD, I'd be there. But that is a damn fine price. Four games console package for sub-£300... could always resell the unwanted titles elsewhere.

Blues Cowboy2047d ago

Yeah, it's a steal. Sadly not available online though, so hopefully it doesn't rain tonight!

Gazondaily2047d ago

This is a good deal minus the AC games. Anyone know any good bundles that include Kinect?

RosweeSon2047d ago

It's a very good deal just a shame it's the assassins bundle (thanks Unity!) but still 4 games and a good £30 cheaper than the console on its own £5 credit and rewards points of at least a £5er not a bad deal for someone's chrimbo day.

Blues Cowboy2047d ago

Sure Unity can be traded in for a bit of extra money/credit too, though I'm not sure about the going rate.

RosweeSon2047d ago

Yeah don't think it'll be a lot as it stands but once they sort it out, but yeah if I had to guess it'll be the assassins bundle with the other two games on top.

Bennibop2047d ago

I think this is an offer on preowned consoles not brand new and seems they are also doing similar offers on PS4s.

2047d ago
silvacrest2047d ago show me the PS4 deals