Ubisoft handing out freebies is a sign of nothing more than being caught in the act

Dealspwn: 'Ubisoft handing out freebies is a sign of nothing more than being caught in the act. It's sort of like bribery in a way, a one-off act of goodwill to make everything that came before seem hazy. "Take this and love us again," Ubisoft are saying, with a finger pressed against the lips. "It's okay. There's nothing to see here. Shhhhh!"'

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Mikelarry2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

"Better would have been a statement determined to put quality before the strict annualised milking of the Assassin's Creed franchise. Better would have been an unreserved apology backed up by reassurances that this won't happen again. Better would have been addressing the issues that continue to abound in Unity, beyond the bugs, in terms of the abhorrent commercialisation of the series and the plague of companion app gated content and Uplay rubbish.?"

^^^^This, i don't believe ubisoft have learnt from this situation because most who have played the crew beta will tell you that its heading the way of unity especially with the shady " release day" review that has just been announced for that title

FuzzyPixels2047d ago

It's a slippery slope. We've had day one patches, now we'removing into release-broken-fix-later territory, and it has to stop. Free gifts weeks after a botched release aren't good enough, especially not when it comes to a game that's primarily a singleplayer experience.

Army_of_Darkness2047d ago

What I'm seeing is that ubisoft is giving out freebies as a distraction while they do a visual stealth downgrade to ac:unity in a patch in an attempt too make it run a little better?? I'm just putting 2 n 2 together...

starchild2047d ago


But the game was never broken for me. I played it since the release date and I've never had a crash or game-breaking bug, mostly minor glitches involving NPCs. Those have been reduced with each patch.


There is no stealth downgrade. That has been thoroughly debunked.

Baka-akaB2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

I dont see how it would be better to state that you'd watch out for quality next time and reassure you that they'd do better next time , as opposed to actual current actions .

Words are just that words , and almost each game all publishers claim they do care , are careful and will have a marvelous launch . And eventually the truth will just come out and varies each game .

Did EA do already that tons of time already with no one rightfully not believing them , till they mostly got it right with Dragon Age ?

It shouldnt have happened , everyone agrees .. but they are trying to fix their game , even if it's because caught in the act , and actually offering a meaningful gesture and compensations instead of empty promises .

When did EA , activision and others even tried that ? And we know they all had similar botched releases in their past ..

Snookies122047d ago

I don't believe that. We've seen plenty of cases where companies screw over their customers, and just say "Oh, sorry about that." At least Ubisoft is giving something back for their screw up. If nothing else, at least give them props for that.

FuzzyPixels2047d ago

But they're not really. The free DLC might be nice if Unity were a better game, but the free game is only being given to people who blindly bought Season Passes already because Ubisoft chose to can the SP.

I don't want to give them props for this. It was an entirely avoidable situation. I want them to promise to do better and back it up.

starchild2047d ago

I've played and enjoyed the game since release. It was never an unplayable mess the ways some of you claim. Not even close. It always worked just fine on my PC. It just had quite a few glitches, mostly involving NPCs. They are fixing those with each patch. It has improved and now I am getting the free DLC.

Mikelarry2047d ago

The author does give the props, and I quote

"As nice as a free game for people who paid money upfront for unannounced DLC for a broken game is, it doesn't make Unity a better game. And I dearly wish Unity was a better game."

Snookies122047d ago

Well sure they screwed up, but I'm saying at least they're trying to do something to make up for it. Rather than acting like they don't owe people anything.

dredgewalker2047d ago

Nope this move is all about damage control and nothing else. If they were really considerate they wouldn't have released this game in such a state.

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Blues Cowboy2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Is it cynical? Yes. Is it akin to bribery in order for us to forget all the launch problems? Yes. Is it a way of ducking a responsibility to promise that future games are properly tested and quality assured? Absolutely.

But I still reckon that this is a good thing, all-told. Talk is cheap - just look at 343/MCC, though the new patch is admittedly a big improvement - but compensation does mean something. I think they deserve some credit.

That said, I still agree with MikeLarry. The best thing they could have done is promise to stop releasing games on such an aggressive schedule and properly quality assure what they launch.

pelida2047d ago

We should stop buying their games. If a game is good or bad is something you can't really control, sometimes you need some luck and that's it.
But they knew this was a glitchy, buggy, laggy, mess, and still they've decided to release it... cause "Who cares? the suckers will give us their money anyways."
This is inexcusable.

And now is like: "Oh, oh. We got caught with our pants down. And they are hating us! I have an idea. Let's give the suckers a freepass and some DLC."

Congratulations Ubicrap, you have won this year's "Worst than EA, and Activision" Award.

Summons752047d ago

Funny how AC:U comes out and it's buggy and rushed but Far Cry 4 and AC:R have been completely fine, nobody is taking about that in fact most seem to forget that they exist when crying about this. This is more entitled gamers crying about the most unimportant things. Hell, Call of Duty and Halo MCC are still completely broken online but nobody is complaining there. So they goofed, they're human beings they are just as imperfect as you are. Please if you think you are so much better, you put out a game the size and scope as Unity on hardware your not to use to working on and have it come out pristine. This situation only goes to prove that Ubisoft shouldn't have rushed 2 AC games out in the same year and that annual releases are clearly a bad idea.

Mikelarry2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

"Hell, Call of Duty and Halo MCC are still completely broken online but nobody is complaining there"



above are links that show people are not happy with those buggy games as well and are voicing their concerns

pelida2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

I'm complaining there too! Halo MCC is receiving a lot of sht atm. And COD, well I hate COD!! I hate Activision (I want Ubi to be different)

If FC4 is "completely fine", that doesn't excuse them from releasing a BROKEN GAME swindling a lot of people.

I agree with the last portion of your comment and that's the whole point: I don't care about freebies, Ubisoft should commit themselves to test their games better and STOP the annual releases. But no: they are giving you a free pass (enjoy it!)

Revolver_X_2047d ago


I find it funny dealspawn is the first link to MCC. The overall tone is more forgiving. The writer suggests to play MCC's single player. Even though at the time that article was written the campaigns have had bugs where saves werent kept and achievements were not working. Comparing the two, I would say MCC has had the worst launch in recent memory. I cant even relate to ppl complaining about ACU. I platinumed the game short of 31 hours. In that time frame I experienced 2 noticeable frame drops, and 1 game crash. Online I never dropped, but a friend dropped twice. I did run into some very laggy randoms, but thats every game. Keep in mind this was in the first week of launch. My experience clearly is my own. It just seems to me hating Ubi is the popular thing. Not being AC fan really, I enjoyed it way more then Black Flag. The story is way better and the coop online is more fun, then the repetitive vs. modes of old.

KentBlake2047d ago

People are never happy. Everybody is always negative and cynical on the internet. I'm very glad I'll get Far Cry 4 for free (I would buy it anyway), AND they're fixing AC Unity (which I really like, even in its current bug-infested state).

Disagree all you want, but I choose to enjoy my games.

Mikelarry2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

not true, it is not too much to much to ask that I get a decent product after paying my hard earned cash for it.

The thing is if gamers dont speak up and keep these publishers and game devs in check they pull stunt like these.

the bugs experienced in ACU was very poor Q&A ( that's if any was done before release) you cant really blame gamers for being cynical especially with the attitude ubisoft has adopted this gen. if your experience with their games is working and you are enjoying their product good on you.

KentBlake2047d ago

I'm not saying they should get a free pass for making broken games. What I'm saying is that they DIDN'T get a free pass. We got a full game for free, they are fixing Unity (or at least trying to fix it) and people are still complaining. That's what I don't like. People are never satisfied.

FuzzyPixels2047d ago

To be precise, you got a (very good) game because you bought a Season Pass that got cancelled.

Ubisoft can just give out digital codes. It doesn't really cost them anything, rather than, say, handing money back and refunding those Season Passes.

dredgewalker2047d ago

This is the main reasons why gamers are getting shafted these days by these devs. As long as Ubisoft keeps up this kind of attitude towards their customers I will not buy a single game from them no matter how good it is. I'm a customer and not their damned beta tester!

pelida2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Yes, I disagree with you. And call me cynical and negative. But I don't like to be cheated; It's my money, my money, yeah games are a luxury (and thank God I can afford them), but still I work hard for my money,... you know. Idk if you can understand this, I really don't.
And again, I can excuse them for making a bad game, what's inexcusable is to release a broken game, broken, Broken, period... specially when you know it is broken (Now I wonders, was The Crew properly tested???? it's kind of weird that they're not giving review copies).
Stop buying this crap! if this continues there will be nothing enjoyable about games anymore

starchild2047d ago

Then don't buy it. But please quit acting like whiny brats who think the world owes you something. You aren't guaranteed a game being exactly the way you want it to be. Developers make the games and you decide which ones you want to buy. Some will have better graphics than others. Some will be buggier than others. Some will be longer than others. And on and on with a million different variables.

This is why we all need to take responsibility for doing our own research. I never feel surprised or cheated because I do research before I buy any game. I always know what I am getting.

Unity is not a broken game by any means. My PC version runs at a solid 50fps (setting 50Hz mode on my display) with maxed settings and I haven't had a single crash or game-breaking bug. I've never seen the no-face glitch or any other major glitch. I've mainly seen a few glitches from time to time with the NPC's movement.

But I've also watched my friend play it on the PS4 and even that version isn't nearly as bad as some of you make it sound. I know plenty of people on PS4 and XB1 that are enjoying the game just fine.

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