5 Ways Advanced Warfare is reigniting the CoD franchise

MWEB GameZone Writes: "The latest title in the series, Advanced Warfare has managed to breath fresh air into the declining franchise.

Here is 5 ways how Sledgehammer Games has finally managed to reignite the love gamers once had for the Call of Duty franchise."

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CongoKyle2053d ago

I sure as hell hope so. Cod4 never4get,

Sillicur2053d ago

Cod4, how i miss you!!!

Eulderink2053d ago

Why not play it?
There are still lots of servers.

lord zaid2053d ago

I like what they are doing with COD. This franchise can go forever if there look after it well

HanCilliers2053d ago

I wonder what's next? Treyarch has a tough job ahead of them. It was easy for Sledgehammer to improve on Infinity's try with Ghosts.

Sillicur2053d ago

yeh its gonna be hard for treyarch, hopefully they can pull it off

_NotoriousJaee2053d ago

5 reasons AW Sucks!
5.Fucking Laggggg

BabyObama2053d ago

I agree
It's unayable for me
Played it on ps4 and x1 and the lag is terrible