AceGamez Preview: Soulcalibur IV

From the preview: "The announcement that Vader would be a exclusive playable character for the PS3 version of the game, whilst Yoda would fulfil the same role on the Xbox 360, instantly sparked owners of each console into arguments with the kind of cut and thrust normally reserved for the game's one-on-one bouts.

Soulcalibur's premier on next gen consoles also marks the introduction of online play to the series and this is even more appealing given that you will be able to take your own created characters into these tussles, thanks to the return of the options first introduced in Soulcalibur III. As well as online play, Soulcalibur IV will also feature the standard Arcade and Story mode, as well as the new Tower of Lost Souls option, which brings further customisation choices and rewards into play."

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DarkSniper3766d ago

Soul Calibur IV will be an excellent release to show why fighting games are more appreciated on The PLAYSTATION®3 Home Entertainment System. Dual Shock 3 provides a much more ergonomic design when compared to it's competitors and gives much more comfort and leighway than ever before. With the inclusion of Darth Vader, no one in their right mind would ever seem to purchase the Xbox 360 version knowing that the PLAYSTATION®3 version is the definitive copy to buy.

Soul Calibur IV will be a perfect reason for gamers to jump out and play b3yond.


Swiftfox3765d ago

It also contains a decorated cast of lovely ladies that have huge............swords.

If I can find a arcade stick for purchase I will probably pick this up as I never do get a chance to fight human opponents to often..