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Is Far Cry 4 the best game in the series? Tough to say, but it’s definitely a step forward in terms of story, gameplay, and art. You’ll be spending a lot of time Kyrat this holiday season.

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MasterCornholio2052d ago

This game is so funny.

-spoiler alert-

-spoiler alert-

-spoiler alert-

I laughed so hard when poor Wade got covered in crap and Trevor forces his poor cousin to give him a shower. Hilarious listening to the two in the bathroom.

SnakeCQC2052d ago

My only problem was the lack of effect of the moral choices.

Scatpants2052d ago

I've been really enjoying this game. All the reviews say it's the same as the last one, but to me it's better in every way.

xwilldemise2052d ago

Game is damn amazing! First time jumping into the Far Cry series & I can't put it down!

nucky642052d ago

me too...I've got over 50 hours playtime. I really like all the user-created maps too - great fun!