Ace Gamez previews Gears of War 2

This November, Epic Games will release Gears of War 2 exclusively on Xbox 360, sequel to the 4.5 million selling super hit original. Even amidst a slew of potentially triple A exclusives released on 360 over the notoriously busy winter period, including such heavyweights as Fable 2 and Halo Wars, it will be down to Gears of War 2 to spearhead Microsoft's charge for Christmas sales success.

If anything, this is testament to just how important a franchise Gears of War has become to Microsoft - surely the console's second biggest name, falling only slightly short of the mighty Halo.

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InMyOpinion3763d ago

I'm pretty sure Gears passed 5 million sold some time ago...

jdoggystyyle3763d ago

believe you are correct they passed 5 mil more then a few months ago....i do believe this will be the game of the year....not to sell mgs4 that was the best SINGLE PLAYER game i have ever played...but outta my 30 hour )1 run through) and my 2nd run 27 hour run was more of less a technical demo to show off the power of ps3...which the game did a fantastic job of doing...but the game play in between...even in the hardest level.if things got to hard i could just run past everything to the point i needed to be...and the boss fights ..may have been one of the worst i have ever had which is a huge let down since the game was ..well...great.....but now that i have torched mgs4 now..2 times....and psn much to be desired....i wont touch mgs4 now...for maybe a year and then play through it again....but none the less as i was a great game....and when i was done playin mgs4..i popped my gears 1 right back in..i got gears on release day and still play it 30 hours a week..have 20,000 plus ranked kills...and over xbox live....its perfect..i cant WAIT for this.....mgs4.....still best single player game ive ever played....thanks for the 60 hours ps3...but...i put 60 hours in gears of war in 2 weeks......and gears 2....lookin to put that time in plus...more :)...GAME OF THE YEAR

poos33763d ago

yes gears of war a new ip sold more tham mgs4 gears of war 1 sold 5 million +

Pizza The Hut3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Gears of War 2 doesnt look to have improved much graphically, a few new things gameplay wise, but not the huge leap forward I was expecting...please dont take this as bashing because I feel exactly the same way about Resistance 2(and I LOVED part 1)...maybe I just set my expectations too high for these sequels..

funkysolo3763d ago

Gears2 will definitely sell 4 to 5 million. I hope they fix the lag and host shotgun.

heroman7113763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

y is November so far away? all the best games are coming out around then

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