$330 PlayStation 4, Xbox One shows up Before Black Friday on eBay

You can now grab the best deals on a new PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One this holiday season – all in the comforts of your own home. The hottest console deal we’ve come across is your basic PlayStation 4 cut down from $400 to $329.99 on NewEgg’s eBay page. The discount just went live on eBay as of writing. This $70 price drop on the PS4 is the lowest price seen on a brand new unit and shipping is free in the continental US.

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optimus2057d ago

wow over 4000 sold in 24 hrs.

TheFallenAngel2057d ago

More like in a few hours. Ps4 is selling godly at that price.

Kain812057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

Only 1994 left PS4s...hurry and buy one, if you want one now :)

optimus2057d ago

The downside being it comes with no games. I believe the latest walmart deal has it with any game of choice plus 1 yr of playstation plus for $380... I also saw an x1 deal which included the master chief collection for $300, can't remember where though...i'm not that tempted even at those prices...the games i want i already bought for last gen.

optimus2057d ago

My mistake, the $380 price is for the x1 with the master chief collection + 1yr xboxlive + game of choice at walmart.