Playstation Edge news is Fake writes: "Ok so it got us, we should have been more careful. The news we posted before regarding something called Playstation Edge is fake.

We first saw the news over at Neogaf and and decided to post about it. Our friends over at TheSixthAxis have pointed it out that this particular news is fake."

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Silogon3763d ago

I didn't think it was real myself, but It would have been nice for younger gamers and gamers who live by nominal means < like the people who buy Esteban guitars.

Sev3762d ago

This is exactly why I didnt post that crap story.

If you look at the NeoGAF thread the article is referring to, its clearly a joke.

Its embarrassing that so many sites picked up on the news, when it was completely false.

Relcom3762d ago

This is a no sh1tter if i have ever seen one.

O and Santa is fake kids, sorry to break it to you

Zeevious3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )





Oh God, am I typing through a 5th of scotch again?


Zeevious3762d ago

Playstation 3 Edge is a dev tool demonstrated & released a year ago. I saw the live demonstration with multiple human characters being added at the click of a button, managed by the tool...essentially with nothing more than a scripting interface. (ok, 6 SPU's and a bit more)

How did this get turned into a PSN rewards system?

The press release sounded correct for something of this type. Though very valuable to gamers, actually creating something like a 'signed' __anything__ or other promotional item really costs little to nothing.

Other than the flaw of creating the fake news with the same name as an existing set of dev tools, the rest of it sounds real.

Maybe this was an internally leaked document for an actual service still being worked on.

Either way, the Edge tools are real, impressive, and have nothing to do with rewarding gamers besides the incredible graphics.

Thugbot1873762d ago

This is a good example how fanboys blindly follow and believe anything. If you read article, it said it was a development tool. When described it sounded like a boast to PSN to compete with XBL. No doubt many fanboys love to hear that.

My point this fanboy stuff is really silly.

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