PlayStation Vita vs PSP – VGChartz Gap Charts – October 2014 Update

PlayStation Vita Vs. PSP Global:

Gap change in latest month: 950,977 - PSP

Gap change over last 12 months: 8,851,368 - PSP

Total Lead: 18,977,686 – PSP

PlayStation Vita Total Sales: 9,037,393

PSP Total Sales: 28,015,079

In the latest month of sales for the PlayStation Vita it has fallen another 950,977 units further behind its predecessor the PSP. In the last year the gap has grown 8.85 million in favor of the PSP. The PSP currently leads by 18.98 million in the first 35 months. The gap is expected to continue to grow in the next month.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx2050d ago

The gap will for sure grow. Sorry to say.

zeal0us2050d ago

No need to be sorry. The partly fault lies with Sony. They are not supporting their handheld like they should. That and more people are opting for smartphones and tablet for their mobile/handheld gaming. More publishers are putting their resources towards iOS/android game development rather than PSV&3DS development.

Spotie2049d ago

That and people aren't buying the Vita because they can't hack it like the PSP.

Fullmetalevolust2050d ago

I have so much love for the Vita, it's truly the handheld that could, it needs a good boost of games and support by Sony at the December's Sony Experience conference.

MegaRay2049d ago

If Sony dont show support at psx. Then 3rd party is all we got left. Lets hope namco make more vita games for na/eu

BattleAxe2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Sony has already said that they will not be investing in anymore AAA first party games for the Vita. Killzone: Mercenary was the last big game from Sony for the Vita. It's too bad, because If it were to get the kind of support that the PSP received, I would buy one with no questions asked.

PoSTedUP2049d ago

it needs a GTA. port over GT5 (or 4-HD remake) if it could handel it. GR2 is what im really excited for.

rsnotz2049d ago

Vita has got to be the most under-appreciated handheld I've seen. Such a shame to see Sony not caring about it.

mohuzas2049d ago

TBH I think that title belongs to the GBA...

andrewer2049d ago

I have a Vita but I still play with my PSP xD

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