Custom firmware update 4.01 M33-2 out now

Team M33 keeping busy..

The 4.01 M33-2 update, comes with the following bugfixes:

* Nids resolver: Fixed scePowerGetCpuClockFrequency issue. This is the same bug that happened in 3.80 M33-1, it won't happen again ¬¬
* Fixes recovery problems that have appeared in prior version (incorrect position of back string in language others than english, enable, and disabled strings not translated in plugins, hide pic0 pic1 couldn't be changed, language file in flash1 wasn't working..
* Spanish recovery translation typos fixed.

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NiKeShOeWeArUH3788d ago

that came quick! big ups again to Team M33

rroded3788d ago

this works on the slims 2 just dl and install it via usb and you can run homebrew.
Sad about being able to run game back ups 2 tho Sony's gonna lose even more software sales.

Evil Rant Monkey3788d ago

I love the M33 Network Updates now! Makes things quick.

NiKeShOeWeArUH3788d ago

yea i had 2 psps sittin around and it saved alot of time updating it that way

RH063788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

if i'm running the 4.01 sony firmware can I just download the ctfw 4.01 and run it or what...I know you must have ctfw 4.01 before 4.01 m33-2. Thanx...haven't used ctfw since it came out in 2005(the orginal 1.50)

erodrig3788d ago

i just wanna know how and how its done plus whats so good about cracking the psp can u play emulators if cracked?