New Info on PlayStation Experience Games, Developers and Panels Surfaces

PlayStation Experience is now a little more than a week away, and more information keeps surfacing about the games that will be on show, the developers that will be in attendance, and the content of the panels.


Added some fesh info on Bloodborne.

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WeAreLegion2054d ago

I'm doing it again. I'm getting myself too hyped.

Kurisu2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

For me out of that list, Snow and Jungle Rumble stand out.

Snow will fill the void until EA hurries up and makes a new SSX, and the art style of Jungle Rumble looks very much like patapon! That game was a lot of fun on PSP and I'm surprised we've not seen it on Vita, so hopefully Jungle Rumble will take inspiration from that.

luis_spartano2054d ago

All I want is Uncharted 4 gameplay. The rest is rest.

KilKarazy2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

This will make or break PS4 for me. If It's Uncharted and a bunch of indies I'm selling it. No offense to people who like indies they just aren't for me. I need something to blow me away on this system!

KilKarazy2054d ago

I don't understand how it's my loss if there aren't any games I want to buy...I beat infamous and have Last of Us. Been dusty since

remixx1162054d ago

So rime, no mans sky, the tomorrow children, and wild don't appeal to you. Wow I'm supprised , those games look more unique and entertaining than most AAA games and there not 16 bit top down games everybody seems to think indies are.

But I guess people like you need huge big budget games to be entertained right? No disrespect, I just like to have both because it allows for diverse gaming. Good thing there is plenty of both on ps4 next year.

spacedelete2054d ago

stop being so damn ignorant. the guy has a different opinion to you ? so what. do you expect all gamers to like games you like ? don't like opinions then get off the internet.

remixx1162053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

How about you stop being a dick and learn to respond with less ignorance, if you read my comment correctly you would see I said "no disrespect", meaning I'm not hear to heckly you for your opinion I'm just curious as to his dislike for indies as so many of them are beginning to look better than the AAAs that have been releasing. I never said his opinion was wrong.

If you don't like people making inquiries over particular statements that pique their interest then you get the hell off the internet.

Oh and next time don't waste your one bubble making a aggressive comments, try being more intelligent with limited resources.

jb2272053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

It's weird to me because it just discounts so many great gaming experiences in favor of a game type that disappoints more often than not.

Have you ever heard someone identify as a huge film buff say they don't like "independent movies"? Or that they love movies but they "Only watch summer blockbusters w/ a budget over a 100 million"? You never will hear that because to a fans eye, a movie is a movie, regardless of its budget. "Indie" isn't a genre, it's a method, so it's really crazy to me that someone can dislike a game based off of how much money was put into it. By that notion these same people must retroactively dislike games they loved when they were young because they don't cost as much as a game today. There are indie platformers that blow away the big guys, and there are stories & art direction in indie gaming that AAA hasn't been able to touch really. I think the majority of people who say they "don't like indies" haven't actually played the right ones ever.

OB1Biker2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Well its not U4 and a 'bunch of indies' we already know the order, bloodborne, until dawn etc will be there

TOTSUKO2054d ago

Sounds like you only play exclusives.

If thats the case than it truly is your loss.

Plus the fact that the PS4 runs better multiplatfrom games.

Kurisu2054d ago

Well its your decision at the end of the day, but PS Experience is just one event. If nothing there tickles your fancy what's not to say something will get shown that you like the look of at next years E3 / Gamescom? Get Christmas and New Year out the way and it will fly by, I just think it's worth hanging on before making any hasty decisions,that's all.

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