The Evil Within, Out 1 Month, At A 66% Discount On Steam. Think About That For A Minute

GG3 writes: "PC game peddler Valve has launched the “Exploration Sale” on Steam and it frankly is terrible. Its current approach on discounted items has a lot of issues, boosted by the influx of releases in 2014 and the company’s own changes."

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XiYakushijuAkeginuXi3040d ago

Okay I thought about it for a minute. Now what?!

700p3039d ago

black friday i guess

GhostTurtle3039d ago

Actually skimmed through the link, didnt read everything (garbage). Whats the goal here, the purpose? Even talking about its main topic "The Evil Within", it doesn't clearly seem like they know what they are talking about, or even the game itself sadly. Why are they so surprised? Its f***ing Black Friday, and its Steam.

TheJacksonRGN3040d ago

This site has been flagged as can't be trusted by Chrome. Do not click!

Daavpuke3040d ago

The site has 400 approved stories on N4G over roughly 2 years of time, if you were as quick to do a split second check as to post hysteria on a hiccup: - Not saying that puts it off the hook in a tecnical sense, but the 1 in 400 chance makes it pretty good odds. Just saying though, feel free to keep the report up, your prerogative.

TheJacksonRGN3040d ago

It works now, but regardless if there is an error then I'm going to point it out.

pompombrum3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

My video grabber add on I use gets flagged by Chrome. I leave flagging for my anti virus software, Avast does a good job with website flagging.

fluffydelusions3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

What am I thinking about here? It's also Black Friday this week and there are tons of games that are more than 50% off at retail that just came out.

TheJacksonRGN3040d ago

Exactly the author is just reaching.

--bienio--3039d ago

Bought for my cousin last night nice price

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