$99 Complete Gaming System from CyberPower – Black Friday Sale

GamersNexus: "This small form factor gaming box normally retails at nearly $1000, but will be marked down to $250 with $150 of rebates, landing it at $99. The unit is being offered as a 'door-buster' pre-Black Friday sale in limited quantity. 300 units will be available, starting at 6PM (1800) EST today, 11/26."

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AlphaBlackWolf962054d ago

An upgradable mini PC for $99? Hell yes I'll buy one!

Eidolon2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Already sold out?

Svinya2054d ago

Whoa, with that $70 ram upgrade, you have a pretty good medium graphics pc for $170.

3-4-52054d ago

Actually a good deal.

HaveAsandwich2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

it never existed. i was there the minute it supposedly opened. nothing.

Volkama2054d ago

I bought all of them.

Who wants a mini PC for $150?

Stapleface2054d ago

I checked as well. Could not find that pc with that deal on their website. This would have been a great first gaming pc for my son. Oh well. Just going to build one eventually.