Jenova to return in Final Fantasy XIII?

On the site is an image of an "unidentified being" released by Square Enix to play a part in the upcoming game Final Fantasy XIII. Unlike the "Prince" from Versus and "Lightning" from XIII, this image has so far given everyone nothing but grief in uncovering its purpose or identity. Many fans however have their suspicions of Kitase's and Nomura's mysterious being. Could this "being" be JENOVA from Final Fantasy VII?

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI3860d ago

Definitely not, every single Final Fantasy game has been based in a different universe and thus JENOVA cannot be in FF13 or FFvs13.

The Phantom Agree3860d ago

Hey, you never no
It could be a kind of present and there are wonders they could do with the story

Bubbles and Agrees for you
(btw final fantasy X and final fantasy X-2 were continuations, and don't forget crisis core on psp was a prequel the story)

iamtehpwn3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

FFVII never said where Jenova came from, other than "the calamity from the skies". If Jenova was some sort of organism, then it would be an entire species, and generally, it would function like Jenova does, Built to take over the Lifestreams of other planets.

It would be a great tie in, that I'd love to see.

but it won't happen =P
Nooooo Jenovy. =[

Dream Machine3860d ago

For crying out loud, not everything links to FFVII. I still can't believe people thought the blonde haired Shiva-Motorbike guy was Cloud. FFXIII is a complelty new story with new themes, locations, battle systems, narratives and charecters. Enough with the VII worship, you have FFVII, AC, BC, CC and DC for heavens sake! What more do you want?

I seem to remember that image was inferred to be the Pulse crystal, or at least something related to it.

Sheddi3860d ago

u said what more do u want?
i want a remake of FF7 then im satisfied :P

gerol3860d ago

i think the blond-haired guy looks like Seifer more than cloud

The_Firestarter3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

I'm with you there on that one! SE just needs to make a FFVII remake and 1. I'll love'em forever and 2. they'll make TONS of money!

Counter_ACT3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

NO! What an idiot. That is not Jenova, how retarded. This is nearly, but not quite as stupid as GamesRadar's article about the Blonde guy being Cloud.

FF series is yet to post a worthwhile article.

richierich3860d ago

I highly doubt that the image from FFXIII is Jenova that is just something some idiot made up

Sangria3860d ago

Maybe some references or easter eggs like the Cloud's Buster Sword in Final Fantasy IX (in Alexandria, a weapon shop), but no way for "physical entities". Maybe that thing could maybe looks like a bit to Jenova's shadow, but it won't be Jenova, unless you created an interdimensional vortex just like Sliders.

So yes, if you see a wrap over your head and a blond hedgehog falling from that vortex with a giant sword, so it's still possible.... (irony, uh?)

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