GameStop jacks up price of Cubic Ninja due to 3DS homebrew exploit

Recently it came out that Cubic Ninja could be used to enable homebrew on the Nintendo 3DS. GameStop has taken noticed and raised the price of the game dramatically.

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CerealKiller2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Its called supply and demand. I'm sure prices on ebay got jacked up also. There is a new market price for the game so Gamestop's prices have been adjusted accordingly. You will learn this on the first day of Economics 101.

Metallox2610d ago

No one said it was the opposite or something else, but thanks for the Economics lesson.

namEuser2609d ago

I have it...played it, but dont know what to do with it now lol might keep it as a rarity now that its a part of history lol wonder how much I could get for it though 😃