Firefox 3 Memory Benchmarks and Comparison - Safari Appears the Worst

Web browser performance is an often talked-about and flaunted thing, but many claims are not really backed up by solid evidence. I wrote software that collected millions of data points over 14 hours of actual browsing time, and this article reveals my findings.

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Bonsai12143790d ago

its always been known that Safari has poor memory management. doesn't change the fact that its still the fastest browser out there. and what's 120mb of ram usage when most computers have upwards of 2gb now.

funkeystu3790d ago got up to 650mb near the end, which seems a tad high imho, though I guess if you're not running too many things at the same time it should be alright.

verb3k3790d ago

650+ MB isn't welcome even on high-end computers. It's a browser, not a 3D rendering framework.

Premonition3790d ago

It pretty much vary from user to user for example my Firefox 3 is using over 188,000k of memory vs IE 8 with the same windows open same sites at over 120,000k of memory.