Dark AleX releases 1.50 add-on for CFW 4.01 M33

Developer Dark_AleX has released the 1.50 kernel add-on for PSP custom firmware 4.01 M33

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Stryfeno13767d ago

DAX is the man....Its ashamed he's not getting paid for this.

mikeslemonade3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Awesome time to dust off the boogers from my PSP and start playing.

STEVIE_3767d ago

One quick noobish question:

If I upgrade to 4.01 M33, can I still play PS1 games from the memory stick, and if so, how?


mikeslemonade3767d ago

Yep you don't even need to have the 1.5 kernal to play PS1 games since sony allows the PS1 games from the PSN store. All you need is the keys.bin file along with the PS1 game.

STEVIE_3767d ago

Thanks, bubbles to you!

So do both the game and keys files go in the same folder then?

mikeslemonade3767d ago

Yes same folder and also I forgot to say the eboot.pbp should be there too. Here's a visual on how to do it:

Hellgiver3767d ago

Also, a good tip for you. Use the 3.71 popsloader, since the newer ones cause certain games to have a lot of problems (especially FF7). Trust me, you will want to do this.