New Games Keep the PSP Alive...For Now

The PSP was released in 2005, and since then it has become quite lackluster. But with new hit games coming around the corner for the handheld, this little machine could stay alive for a while longer.

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Relcom3816d ago

and i have had it for 2 years.

God of War, FF7:crisis core, Fight night, R&C size matters. If it wasn't for homebrew i would sold it already. Homebrew makes it the greatest thing out though

rroded3816d ago

Bought one for my kid and another for me remote plays great and we can take turns playing the kids while were driving. Not to mention movies and stuff.
Dunno why theres always this doom and gloom on it its a great product and selling well. Tho I got ta say they coulda made it a little bigger n added another stick...

tojfs79313816d ago

Realize the true potential of this little beauty as a media machine and know that games are not the only thing going for it.

jspc19893816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

a long while ago as there was a total lack of games on it for me, but i am also now looking to get one again. it seems as tho a risk is being taken on the little system now and for me its paying off. i mean i recently started going through the metal gear series in chronolgical order meaning i played 3 first. i wana carry on but i cant til i get another psp and complete portable ops lol. granted i hav already completed 1 and 2. but before i get to those again i have recently aquired all of the original metal gears for the MSX2, nes and game boy so this cud take a while lol.

there also little beauties like ff7:CC, FF1,FF2 and GOW that are suddenly making the psp seem like a more attractive proposition.

firelogic3816d ago

What's with all this talk about "staying alive?" The format has sold over 32 million units. It's not like the Atari Lynx or GameGear here folks.

pwnsause3815d ago

the idiots dont look at the history books. thats why i dont read these stupid articles.

OSIRUSSS3816d ago

I think the Remote play feature is the coolest thing about the PSP.Maybe any game system ever.

ActionBastard3816d ago

I love my PSP. From Beats to Silent Hill to Patapon to Remote Play to Starbucks browsing the the web with some white chocolate mocha, it is a fantastic handheld. I've been reading it was doomed and dying since 2005. It isn't going anywhere.

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The story is too old to be commented.