UK Weekly Charts, 22nd November 2014

UK Hardware by Platform:
PS4 66,180 (+70%) 1,419,413
XOne 57,840 (+18%) 1,067,158
3DS 22,482 (+17%) 2,546,801
WiiU 6,661 (+19%) 351,137
X360 6,089 (-4%) 8,962,287
PS3 5,148 (+14%) 5,974,430
PSV 1,264 (+16%) 502,679

UK Software by Platform:
1 Grand Theft Auto V
2 Grand Theft Auto V
3 Far Cry 4
4 Far Cry 4
5 Dragon Age: Inquisition

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qwerty6762048d ago

vgchartz should be banned from being posting

i'd really like to know their sources i feel like they just make up numbers then quickly adjust when the real ones come out.

Malphite2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Took two clicks to find out.

mikeslemonade2048d ago

shut up VGcharz haters!

They're good because they update their numbers and then I can send you a link of the sales in a debate. I can't do that with external sales figures that aren't cumulative.

mediate-this2048d ago

That's exactly what they do captain obvious. Yat hey get pretty close, it's not exact it's a estimate.

madmonkey012048d ago

they make them up, and the link posted above basically says that.

at best they are an educated guess

u4one2048d ago

They never claimed they weren't estimates. It even says several times on their site. If you want hard numbers, that's what services like npd provide.

k3rn3ll2048d ago

There are economists that do the same thing for every product and industry traded on the stock markets. But for some reason gamers feel they are above this and deserve better. Picky picky. They are providing a service. If you don't like it... or don't appreciate it, STOP CLICKING THE LINKS JUST TO WHINE

Bathyj2047d ago

NPD arent hard numbers either, they just extrapolate as best they can with the information available to them.

The only REAL number are straight from the platform holders themselves, and even those are hidden now days in shipped vs sold and combined generation or console family numbers.

u4one2047d ago


NPD actually includes POS (point of sale) data from retail in their numbers as well as other factors. The one thing they don't count are digital sales

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XiYakushijuAkeginuXi2048d ago

This website would be a lot more credible if vgchartz isn't accepted. But nooooooo the owner of this website gets advertising from vgchartz and so it isn't banned. This shows a bit of corruption because it knowingly accepts to include sales estimates based on a flawed method. What people do for money/publicity

MasterCornholio2048d ago

Curious how you didn't complain about their US numbers. Instead you chose to believe them by stating that smash was being outsold by a last gen game.

VegasDawg2047d ago

They do make up their numbers out of very small sample size, they leave a very large margin of error, yet they get clicks.

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98xpresent2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Allegedly the Xbox one is only 400k away from the ps4 in the uk . The 360 destroy the PS3 in the uk .

madmonkey012048d ago

xbox is relatively strong in uk and us, everywhere else in the world it isn't as popular

finbars752048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Not to bad but overall for all platforms

Gamer19822047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Xbox one is under 1/2 million behind the ps4 in UK but thats because the ps4 only passed the 1 million mark in september. People have to remember how small this country is.. Meaning theres probably 1.4 million PS4s sold and 1 million xboxs or something around that (so its currently around 1/1.5). Saying that the gap is getting bigger as its still outselling the xbox. Unlike last generation where the xbox 360 outsold the ps3 pretty much every week.

This was due to MS seemingly making the 360 a lot cheaper the entire generation (like £50/$90). This gen however they are £300 (without kinect) and the ps4 is £300.

lfc_4eva2047d ago


"People have to remember how small this country is".

WTF? Don't knock the greatest nation on Earth.

Gardenia2048d ago

What pisses me off is that if you look at the Global software sales AC Unity is on top while it's an unfinished product full of bugs. And Ubisoft can get away with it just like any other company that [email protected] up a game on release.

But then again who am I to open my big mouth, I bought AC on release and supported them too

SamPao2048d ago

Haha man that made me laugh :D
Bubble for you

S2Killinit2048d ago

and this is after a price drop? or did the xbone not get a price drop in UK?

madmonkey012047d ago

you can get xbox one+ one game for £289 in uk ps4 is still 349 with a game.

NewAgeisHere2048d ago

You know you're getting disagrees just because of your name right?

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