Despite Struggles, The Wii U has a Place; New System Would be Foolish

Nintendo has taken a beating when it comes to home consoles since their success with the original Wii during the last console war. Despite having astronomical sales the system never gained the respect of gamers due to the fact they seemed more interested in providing a tech demo for wiggle, waggle more so than delivering a great gaming experience. There were solid games on the Wii, let us not forget MadWorld, and the Conduit; but for every one of those we got fifteen games like Game Party or Petz. With Nintendo, at the time, soaking in their string of console sales and ignoring the attachment rate of games the competition was pulling away at a not so subtle rate. The problem: The majority of people that bought the console were your average, everyday adopters that wanted something to show off to friends and play at family gatherings or parties and only really used Wii Sports when doing so. When bringing out the Wii U, Nintendo seemed to catch on to the fact that their consoles sales were rather shallow and needed something to directly compete with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Unfortunately, Nintendo also failed to recognize the fact that the console they just released was also behind the times considering Microsoft and Sony were on the cusp of releasing their next iteration of consoles and was about to leave Nintendo in the dust… again.

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AKR2051d ago

Of course a new system would be dumb.

The Wii U is making a profit for Nintendo; and as long as it continues to do that, then there's no reason for it to be replaced. It has quite a number of amazing titles in it's library with dozens more coming.

meganick2051d ago

I've really enjoyed my Wii U this past year, but it seems clear the console just won't generate significant sales throughout its lifespan, so I think it would be wise for Nintendo to release a new console around Fall 2016. They should make it more powerful than PS4 and easy to port so they can get all the third party games that MS and Sony get. Finally, they should just pack it with a traditional controller.

mydyingparadiselost2051d ago

That's still way too soon for another console to come out, R&D wouldn't be done and current owners would be upset about the console being replaced so soon. I think 2018 is the earliest we'll see another console, that will give the U a 5 year or so life and span and allow Nintendo to release a more powerful or just as powerful console as PS4 and XOne in the middle or so of those consoles life cycles. This would also have the benefit of maybe even letting Nintendo catch up to the other companies tech wise in time for another new console at the start of the PS5/XBoxWhatever release and really compete with those boxes.

DialgaMarine2051d ago

Your statement is exactly what the Wii-U was to PS3/ 360. It was more powerful than the last gen and easier to port to, but it still did poorly. Unless Sony and MS just completely ignored it and waited a few more years to release their own consoles, Nintendo's console would still share the same fate as the U. Nintendo's best bet at this point is to keep making solid AAA exclusives for the Wii-U, continue making solid long lasting DLC expansions, and build up on Amiibos seeing as those seem to be a hit. A new console would just mean needless more billions of dollars lost for them, and they can't risk that at this point.

A new handheld in 2016/17 might not be so bad. They just have to find a way to use it to counter the smartphone market and make dedicated handhelds fresh again.

pelida2051d ago

Yeah, the third place sadly

Bronxs152051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

The latest rumor is they are working with western devs to build their next consol as the most developer friendly system and for first time taking dev feedback. Kinda sonys strategy with ps4

Imagine if their next system is something like ps4 but little more powerful with beater looking and performing multiplats plus big N's exclusives.

2051d ago
mydyingparadiselost2051d ago

You mean like the GameCube :/
Honestly, I would like to see something like that as well, Nintendo did drop the ball on specs this gen. Even something just at least closer to the competitors boxes would have helped them a lot.

Summons752051d ago

I haven't heard that rumor anywhere. Only rumor I know of is the cryptic hint that the next gen Nintendo system will be a combination of home console and portable. With the N3DS and all the compatibility with the WiiU starting to pop up (ala Controller for Smash U, other optional stuff like coop on Sonic Lost World) I can see that to be true. Nintendo has a very traditional Japanese way of thinking and I don't see them doing what your saying. It would be interesting if true though.

Bronxs152051d ago

The rumor was mention in this video. Dunno the exact minute but it's only about 5 mins long.

Also I think they doubled down on the game pad. And that drive up cost and specs suffered. It's also why they can't drop the prices. If you've noticed the price of wii u remains steady. I know some friends waiting for a price drop. But nintendo isn't dropping the price like Microsoft. Instead they are rising it a bit but including bundled games