USA Weekly Charts, 22nd November 2014

USA Hardware by Platform:
XOne 245,656 (+16%) 4,424,950
PS4 225,096 (+54%) 5,425,596
3DS 91,970 (+39%) 13,300,042
WiiU 86,014 (+129%) 3,085,386
X360 42,976 (+24%) 43,815,043
PS3 22,337 (+29%) 26,391,883

USA Software by Platform:
1 Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
2 Grand Theft Auto V
3 Grand Theft Auto V
4 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
5 Far Cry 4

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Concertoine2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Wow, Smash got outsold by both console versions of GTA 5, which came out last year. But Pokemon almost a million copies in the US alone? That's insane.

Also LBP3 only got 60k first week, that is not what i wanted to see.

AWBrawler2991d ago

GTA 6 days of sales. Smash Bros. 3 days of sales. If anything it shows that Smash Bros can do close to the same numbers in half the time, especially the Xbox One version. I'm sure if we add in the next 3 days so smash has 6 as well it would be at least 628k (thats assuming the next 3 days drops to half of the first 3, but i doubt it'll drop that fast.)

Christopher2991d ago

***If anything it shows that Smash Bros can do close to the same numbers in half the time***

Not really. Mass majority of those sales are going to be day one sales.

I'm not sure of the Wii U's future, but I still don't see it being more of a tool for exclusives opposed to the XBO and PS4 which tend to be more about 3rd party titles.

Chrischi19882991d ago

Nobody denies, that we get a Wii U for Nintendo exclusives, but not only for them. I mean, honestly, if, yeah, if Nintendo would have all inportant 3rd party titles and their first party exclusives, Nintendo would win the console war, period. And this is also one of the main reasons, why turd party dont want to be on Nintendo consoles, it would become a monopol too fast and they would make themselves dependent on Nintendo. But this also shows, why Nintendo can survive alone. What would PS4 or Xbox1 be, without turd party? Look, I am bot saying their exclusives are not great, but they really do not own that many.

Christopher2991d ago

***And this is also one of the main reasons, why turd party dont want to be on Nintendo consoles, it would become a monopol too fast and they would make themselves dependent on Nintendo.***

Yeah... no on that. People want better looking games with more powerful hardware for new potential. Not just lower level hardware that can play the games at lower resolutions.

Theyellowflash302991d ago


"Not really. Mass majority of those sales are going to be day one sales."

Someone doesn't follow Nintendo games sales very closely.

Most Nintendo games actually sell far more AFTER than first week sales.

Super Mario 3D World sold less than 300,000 worldwide and now it has sold more than million.

Christopher2991d ago

***Super Mario 3D World sold less than 300,000 worldwide and now it has sold more than million.***

It's a mystery...

mikeslemonade2991d ago

3rd week after price drop and PS4 is able to tie the X1 in a weekly basis. X1 is faltering.

AndrewLB2990d ago

Mikeslemonade- Umm... that's not a tie. Please take off the blinders and knee-pads and return to reality.

fr0sty2990d ago

Considering Chartz notoriously undertracks Sony and overtracks MS, I'd wait for NPD before throwing the parade.

N4g_null2990d ago

[email protected] cgoodno

"Yeah... no on that. People want better looking games with more powerful hardware for new potential. Not just lower level hardware that can play the games at lower resolutions."

Are you really trying to tell adults that systems that can barely run hd games give development more potential? You are going to get what you got last gen... just a few more lights and maybe a better resolution.

So let's just take what you said and believe it.... then I would get a pc.

You just illustrated the hype that runs the hd twins and 3rd parties are making gamers look like fools because day one you all are buying all this crap.

It is like you believe the wiiu is weak because people only buy it after they justify it. Yet you are trumpeting products that really have not delivered on any thing other than sales.

It's clear that nintendo needs another rare to address this. They need a studio to make realistic games to showcase what game play looks like with great graphics.

Or of course some fusion would help.

Yeah people want better looking games but that truly doesn't happen until next gen. This gen came to early and during a lot of economic issues.

I'm all for people throwing money away and feeling good about it though. Hopefully you guys can single handedly pull sony out of its money issues.

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TomShoe2991d ago

It's Chartzzz, take it with a grain of salt.

Gamerbeyond2991d ago

so in your world smash sold 100 billion copies, VGchartz just refuses to acknowledge it.

BG115792991d ago

There is a French serious site taht actually do an article about VGChartz...
It's a must read...

MantaRay2991d ago

I agree. The link that BG11579 posted beneath is really interesting, though I had to use Google Translate to read it.

I thought VGChartz was bad. I didn't realise how bad. Wow.

BG115792990d ago

@MantaRay, sorry I didn't noticed I let it in French. I'll post the translated link here. It's a pity that the graphics that show the difference between VGChartz and NPD won't be translated.
Interesting, right? People don't realize how bad VGChartz is. They should be banned from N4G and others.
I also love how they say at one point that VGChartz is as reliable as Patcher.

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jjonez182991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Indeed, not a great start for LBP. Sony did leave the game up to word of mouth and the community. Some good news regarding the LBP franchise is that its sales translate well to the EU crowd. It's also had great legs overall because of their replayability. We'll find out how it its launch went in EU next week when the PAL charts drop. At least it wasn't suffocated by major AAA games there. From a financial standpoint, LBP games always turn a profit based off DLC sales alone.

andibandit2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Just bought it myself to play with my wife, have to say im kinda surprised by the amount of bugs present and annoyingly long load times.

otherZinc2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )


LBP3 is garbage. Sony should be happy they sold 60k of LBP3 at $60! LBP3 is an Indie Game that should be $5 & sold for friggin 60.

Some people have money to absolutely set on fire.

Drive Club & LBP3, for Sonys PS4 holiday exclusive line up:


LMAO! You're kidding, that LBP3 Indie Game has load times & bugs on the powerful PS4? Totally Inexcusable! I honestly hope you & your wife do enjoy what you can from the game; I just don't like when people elevate games to AAA status when it isn't.

kenshiro1002990d ago Show
N4g_null2990d ago


Nope it really does suck. It's like the guys from knack made it or something. I'm starting to think sony doesn't want to spend the money to compete or simply wants to spend it on pr instead of development teams.

Hey you have to support it 12 million people can't be wrong right? That is just not possible is it?

Don't take it personally we all get let down some generation. Hopefully it all works out. We have 6 years for sony to get it right... I mean you already have the system but never defend bad work... that is like putting a gun to your head while feeding yourself gun powder.

kenshiro1002990d ago

scissor_runner, IN YOUR OPINION it sucks. Your comment does not make it fact.

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benji1012991d ago

Do you really believe this? On Smash was consistently selling above GTA 5, yet it was outsold by GTA5, very unlikely. VGchartz is a joke.

Concertoine2991d ago

Well the xbone and PS4 both have bigger install bases at this point, it's not implausible.

FriedGoat2990d ago

Every Wii U owner bought smash. All 100 of them.

Gemmol2991d ago

5 million ps4 owners vs 3 million Wii U owners....instead of comparing the sales number, compare ratio of people who own it, this how you know how well receive it is

badz1492990d ago

how many times should this be said? ratio doesn't make profit, big numbers does!

Spid3r62990d ago

Amazed that LBP3 was not pounced on Scratch that off from Sony list of big AAA titles this year.

showtimefolks2990d ago

Must read please, don't ever take VGChartz serious. This is a site that's built on a guy taking guesses. Than when exact numbers are released he updates them. He was a known Xbox fanboy and was banned from newgaf

The best thing about VGCartz is you can search games released 6 plus months ago and get exact datat on sales. But to expect them to give us exact numbers for consoles or games is just over trusting/over expecting

gamer4lifeyo2990d ago

Ya, not a great opening week for LBP3. I'll buy it eventually, but not before farcry 4. I think that's what happened here, is that Assassin's creed, farcry, call of duty took some potential sales.

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ABizzel12991d ago

Actually GTAV overcame all (PS4 + XBO), since Pokemon was OR + AS. But regardless great sales for both.

2014 the year remakes / remasters should have won GOTY (GTA / TLoU / Halo:MCC / Pokemon: ORAS / Tomb Raider).

Chrischi19882991d ago

In my opinion, no remaster should even be considered for that title, no matter how good it was.

ABizzel12990d ago


I agree, but the reality for 2014 is that those 5 remasters were literally the best games this year IMO.

indyman77772990d ago

@Chrischi1988 In general I'd agree. But there is a situation where the fact it is a remake means nothing.

This is what I mean.

There are some people that have NEVER played any Halo games ( an old lady, and a guy that just got his sight back). To them the halo collection remake may be the game of the year.

There is some people that have not played the original ' the last of us'. So to those people it is a new game. And they get the benefits of the graphics, and additional features. So to them it may be game of the year. I had never played the original on the PS3. Then I got the PS4 awesome!

S2Killinit2991d ago

and that pretty much means PS4 took first place in the U.S. this being VGChartz and all.

Webbyy2991d ago

lol maybe but doubtful for this month. x1 been selling very well at those sweet pricecuts.. but who knows.

npd will tell the truth

MasterCornholio2991d ago

"npd will tell the truth"


When does that come out?

FITgamer2991d ago

Probably not. It did take WW sales though.

PS4 = 734,388

Xbox One = 491,702

Wii U = 149,031

Christopher2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Nah, I'm thinking XBO came in with more hardware sales for November in the U.S.

Edit: Sorry, said October instead of November. Thanks BiggerBoss.

BiggerBoss2991d ago

NPD for October was already released, Ps4 won

Ju2991d ago

Well, whatever it is...if those numbers are correct, the price cut had an initial impact (with the help of Halo) but being on par again definitively shows the PS4 doesn't need to drop its price (sorry for you guys waiting). Giving the VG history, you might be right that the PS4 is actually ahead again. Anyway, pretty impressive considering it's now the most expensive console.

All_Consoles2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Xbox is selling more in the US? Obviously fake numbers

FriedGoat2990d ago

well, we'll come back to this comment when the NPD is out.

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pootymcpoockle2991d ago

Well I can already poke one hole in these figures as Nintendo already announced that smash bros sold 490k in its first couple of days on sale. Then again, this is vgchartz we're talking about, so you can always guarantee atleast a few wild inaccuracies (Nevermind the Xbone bias).

WeAreLegion2991d ago

I imagine that includes digital sales.

Concertoine2991d ago

That was including digital.

Xavior_Reigns2991d ago

Impressive and PS isn't even trying like MS has since the start of the month. PS4 might lose to XBO but it won't be far behind though there's a chance it still might take November as well. Safe to say both will be posting insane numbers after BF and beyond.

shysun2991d ago

They better start trying for the holidays.

Xavior_Reigns2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

I agree, I'm sure Sony doesn't want to decrease their lead anymore. However I don't really care for the numbers game since I'm still buying XBO next year. All I'm saying is it's impressive numbers for both consoles despite their different strategies. It does seem some trolls (fanboys**) have become** upset by my comment, even though its not hard to come to the same conclusion.

OB1Biker2991d ago

I think theres only 4 weeks in November, not enough time to catch up the Halo effect. PS4 would have to sell like 200k+ than xbone next week so its likely an xbox won November.

Batnut002990d ago

I kind of do want Xbox take the lead. I greatly enjoy my PS4 but competition is what usually breeds excellence and Xbox has had a great turnaround this compared to when it first started.