Interview | Camelot Talks We Love Golf; Nintendo DS Version Considered

Camelot Software Planning is renowned throughout the Industry for its sterling work on RPG series such as Golden Sun and Shining Force, but it should be remembered that it was the driving force behind Sony's illustrious Hot Shots Golf franchise.

For this reason alone it would be wise to keep an eye on We Love Golf, the team's first Wii project, but given the highly impressive Mario Golf outings on N64, GBC, GC and GBA as well, the new game should be at the top of any golfer's most wanted list. Cubed³'s Adam Riley caught up with Hiroyuki and Shugo Takahashi to discuss the game in more detail…

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Perverted3790d ago

Speaking of Golden Sun....I could go with a new one....DS perhaps?
I actually thought Mario Golf was OK....which is great coming from me as I hate golf =/
And online....for the Wii this is a big step up...I'll keep my eye on it.