Halo The Master Chief Collection Black Friday Deal At $45 Or Less

Techtorial: Here's a way to get Halo Master Chief Collection with deep discount on Black Friday.

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Ashunderfire862046d ago

Should of been $40 dollars from the get go, especially with the online problem we all been having with this game.

Foehammer2046d ago

Awesome value

It's like each remastered game is $11

Tedakin2046d ago

Another 500 meg patch came out today. No patch notes though... Haven't tested it. I'm sure it did little.

700p2046d ago

it fixed the matchmaking issues

Tedakin2046d ago

I tried it earlier and yeah I got into rumble pit immediately. will try again in a bit.

RobLoPR2046d ago

they allready increased the price to $60 ohh well