DS Lites up US retailers

Nintendo's new dual-screen portable now on shelves; US customers as hungry as Japanese counterparts, widespread sellouts reported.

That is, if you can find one. The launch of the DS Lite is yet another example of new gaming systems selling out on day one in metropolitan areas. The major online retailers, including GameStop.com, EBgames.com, BestBuy.com, and Amazon.com (by way of GameStop.com), are currently all sold out (as of press time), as are several brick-and-mortar stores.

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Pokémon Black & White: A Generational Shift for the Worse?

Pokémon Black & White may be some people's favourite games in the franchise, but they also started some bad trends.

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The 7 Best Final Fantasy Characters: Unveiling the Legends

While FFVII ranks highly, there's more to the series than one game. Here's Chit Hot's picks for the seven best Final Fantasy characters.


Diddy Kong Racing: Nintendo's Other Kart Racing Series With 100% Less Wario

While the genre may currently be an oversaturated one, it’s interesting to look back on how the Donkey Kong franchise even got a racer to begin with, and what stopped Nintendo from ever releasing more entries.

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OtterX16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Man, this would be the perfect title to bring next to the Nintendo 64 lineup on Nintendo Switch Online. This game was so good back in the day.

purple10116d ago

GOAT, best game of all time, never got the updated version / sequel is so much deserved,

sometimes though, as they say "never meet your heroes" to avoid disappointment,

so I look at it as, best left in the past and just enjoy the memories.

The_Hooligan15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Really was a phenomenal game. I still remember being at my cousin's house and unlocking the spaceship, our minds were blown lol

Also hated that damn blubber the octopus boss.

EasilyTheBest15d ago

One of my all time favourite games

TheEnigma31315d ago

This was better than Mario Kart 64 but far for me. I loved the different vehicles and adventure aspect.

Number1TailzFan15d ago

The single player was by far better than MK64, not sure about the multiplayer as I don't recall playing DKR with someone else.

The thing I noticed with DKR was that the enemy racers seem to hardly use power ups against you, but they are pretty aggressive in keeping pace or passing you so maybe that's why they made them use power ups less than MK.

FinalFantasyFanatic15d ago

I always remember DKR being hard as a kid compared to MK64, but I mostly played MK64 as a multi-player game, whereas DKR had a satisfying single player mode.

DarXyde15d ago

Absolutely loved DKR. Mario Kart, as much as I love it, has yet to really capture the magic of DKR. Better in some ways, worse in others.

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