The Xbox One report card: Microsoft strikes back

Xbox One has gone from a disaster to a console that you should buy this holiday.

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JeffGrubb2057d ago

Microsoft definitely came back hard since launching the Xbox One, but Sony looks ready to have a monster 2015.

lifeisgamesok2057d ago

And so is Microsoft

Gears Collection (from the most reliable Shinobi)
Quantum Break
Fable Legends
State of Decay
Halo 5
Forza 6
Ori and the Blind Forest

+ Anything unannounced from the new studios

hello122057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

You forget tombraider and Scalebound. With all those games 2015, is going to be huge for Microsoft. I would not be surprised if there is another 1 or 2 extra games announced for 2015.

dirkdady2057d ago

Like remedy and enjoyed Alan Wake but the've always been a B team not only in terms of metacritic reviews and sales (gamers speak with their wallet). So sure quantum break will be good but nothing earth shattering.

Fable legends already getting some negative buzz and lionhead hasn't had the best track record after molynrux left - I guess it was deteriorating sort of even when he was there with the whole Milo thing.

Really excited for Ori.

Gears and halo - both continuing to be handled by new unproven studios and I use the term loosely for 343 industries as lota folks mad about halo MCC and halo 4 multiplayer (generally considered weakest in series). With Corrine, Ryan Payton, Scott and Kenneth no longer there, leadership is under new guidance starting with MCC. Need to see if team can deliver.

Black tusk - I feel sorry for these guys, working on Shanghai for years to get told by Phil spencer to shelf the project and start working on the next gears frame less than 4 months ago. Probably won't see a glimpse until end of next year with earlest release in 2016 latest 2017 if doing a 2.5 yr dev cycle.

My 2 cents.

Sony probably in much stronger position considering their widely acknowledged veteran 15+ years stable of first and second part studios.

airsick72057d ago

Don't take this personally, but everyone... PLEASE stop listing games.

I am so bored with going to comments sections and seeing the same list of 5 ps4/xb1 games rattled off.

Half the games you listed are unannounced. The dude below you is talking about Scalebound... C'mon this is silly!

Btw, amazing 2015 can't wait for !!!

Herpa: Derp
Derp 2
The Derp Collection
Derp Racing: fury road
+ unannounced derps!

DigitalRaptor2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

What you mean to say (but you never will) is that MS will have a "monster" HOLIDAY season, because that is where the vast majority of the games you mentioned will be releasing.

A year constitutes far more than 2-3 months out of said year.

MS isn't "striking back" when you have to wait 6-8 months into a year to play your most anticipated exclusive AAA games.

Even more strange is that you list 2 unannounced games, and then attempt to imply that MS will announce even more on top of that for 2015. How ridiculous are you going to get?

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stuna12057d ago

The fact that you got 3 disagrees out the block shows that the gaming community is as divided as ever! Nowhere in your comment was there an attack on a specific console, but the truth if the matter is gamers now a days feel that their choosen console is suppose to win (Win exactly what!? Is beyond me), but win regardless, and the competing console is suppoed to lose!

The reality is we all should be rooting for the success of all parties involved, because I believe this signifies a strong gaming market, and something I think we all can all agree on, is that we want the gaming market to remain strong and flourish! Because we are the benefactor's of that strength.

So me personally, I want all consoles to thrive in 2015 and onward.

Ra30302057d ago

You make a great point.
"The reality is we should be rooting for all parties involved"
And in a perfect world we would all stand together but IMO gaming has a great cancer and that cancer like all cancers is eating away and killing the gaming community and thus bad for gaming and all gamers. This cancer wants to not just make make money they want to take over and control all things in gaming with no other company to oppose them. I don't even need to name this croparation everyone knows who and what I'm talking about. They are as we speak trying to buy up everything in gaming just so they can call it their own so no other company can have or use it. The gaming community is unlikely to ever stand as one but when this company's shareholders gets tired of dealing with the gaming community and stops trying to rule it and sells off its gaming divisions then we may then stand closer together than we will ever stand as long as that cancer keeps us apart.

Naga2057d ago

Yes. Welcome to 2014.

midnightambler2057d ago

Meh. It's a better proposition than it was twelve months ago, but it's still not tempting me as a third console (behind PS4 and Wii U).

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