Far Cry 4 Screenshot Gallery: 20 Gorgeous Snaps of Wildlife and Scenery in Kyrat

Far Cry 4 is a bloody open world shooter that frequently expects you to shoot first and ask questions later.

Set in a fictional Himalayan nation called Kyrat, the player is thrown into the boots of a native (Ajay Ghale) brought up in the US but returning to spread his mother's ashes. Shortly after his arrival he becomes embroiled in an escalating civil war between the rebellious Golden Dawn and the forces of Kyrat's tyrannical and eccentric ruler Pagan Min.

Chaos engulfs the region, with the player partaking in violent skirmishes in attempts to seize outposts for the rebel's cause and tackle objectives laid out by a plethora of supporting characters.

In the downtime between the fierce fighting however there are moments to appreciate the extraordinary and often beautiful setting developer Ubisoft Montreal has created. The splendour of its visuals juxtapose with the brutality of its violence wonderfully, so more often than not you may want to holster your weapons and opt for...

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FlameBaitGod2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Pretty sure that's running on PC

"That's what we did during our first 12 hours with the PlayStation 4 version"

I guess not xD