Xbox One Getting Limbo Because It's A 'Must-Have,' Xbox Exec Says

Playdead's 2010 game Limbo is a "must-have," according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who says that's part of the reason why Microsoft is bringing it to Xbox One.

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qwerty6762051d ago

phil spencer did say hes a real big fan of these games.

without him maybe this game would have never been made it to xbox one.

Hellsvacancy2051d ago

It was on the Xbox 360 first so why wouldn't it end up on the XB1?

It's a great game, can't argue that, I remember being extremely envious when it was a 360 only game, but I got it in the end, with bonus content, it was worth the wait

Godmars2902051d ago

Because its not exclusive anymore?

Saying that if Spencer wasn't in charge, or the Xbox brand didn't need to repair its gaming rep. And doing this reaffirms that Limbo first came to notoriety on the XB1.

Naga2051d ago

Well, I just received a free download of the game from the Xbox team.

I've seen its litany of accolades, though I've never actually played it... so it's turned into quite the unexpected gift.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi2051d ago

I am a fan of Far Cry 4. It probably wouldn't have come to consoles if it wasn't for me. Smh ffs

KiwiViper852051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

That would've made sense if you said you were a fan of FarCry3, and it actually came to XboxOne/PS4

But Ye Phil Spencer only has 100% gamerscore on a few games, and Limbo is one of them.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi2051d ago

I wasn't trying to make sense like the first comment

Ps4andxb12051d ago

They paid it...

So we dont have to.

It was free.

PlayableGamez2051d ago

You would be the only person to make giving a free game out seem like a bad thing.


My thing is....if they can do this for Limbo, and put old xbox arcade games on the one...why not allow for all of the xbox arcade games to be available on the xbox one??

KiwiViper852051d ago

It still takes time to port games to Xbox one, This is why only a few top seller arcade games are on Xbox one.

Id prefer they work on new games, but not complaining. Especially when its for free.


Is it really hard to port a game over to the xbox one or is that just what people like to say?? I am not a programer so I cannot say, but it has been a full year, I am pretty sure that it doesn't take THAT long.

k3rn3ll2051d ago

It's take time and man power. When dealing with indies it's understandable why most can't do this. Especially when are already invested in other projects. I it's not as simple as a cut and paste. 2 completely different architectures. Especially for companies that are crowdfunded. They have to stick to what they they told fans they were going to do. It can be costly depending on the game

TheGamingArt2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Limbo is a nice game and all, definitely not a Bastion/Braid or Journey grade game though.

ghostface92051d ago

ya cause its better than those games

TheGamingArt2051d ago

I guess we can agree to totally disagree lol

SuicideKing2051d ago

Yeah I got a code for this game and really liked it. Never played it in the 360. Anyway it's a relaxing cool game that I'm glad I experienced.

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