Media Create hardware sales (11/17 - 11/23)

Media Create published the latest gaming hardware sales from Japan.

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Geobros2046d ago

Not many surprises for one more week for Japan.

Bennibop2046d ago

X1 sales are less than half of last week that is not great.

Mr_Writer852046d ago

Do media create collate the numbers monthly?

Looking at VG Chartz (I'd assume they would use these numbers)

The PS4 has battered the Wii U in Japan (in terms of hardware sales this year) 802k to 360k

And they are only 280k from beating the Wii u's whole first year.

eyeofcore2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

PS4 is 809K(launched in 2014)
Wii U is 471.5K
Wii U install base is 2M...

When aligned PS4 and Wii U launch, PS4 is now 250-300K behind the Wii U...

Use Media Create Sales numbers...

Don't ignore Japanese version of NPD...

Mr_Writer852046d ago


So VG are nearly there but not bang on.

Moonman2046d ago

But PS4 is still trailing Wii U's first year no matter how you spin it. Wii U should be 2,000,000 weeks after Smash debuts (lifetime).

Mr_Writer852046d ago

But the PS4 hasn't been out a year yet.

That's not a spin that's an actual fact.

eyeofcore2046d ago

Aligned, PS4 is even behind Dreamcast...

For it to outsell Wii U it would need to sell 22K more than Wii U each week till late 2016... But by looks of it, 2018 will be the year...

Gemmol2046d ago

good sales all around, did anyone find the article on here saying sony giving back people money for their vita, I cannot seem to find it like someone deleted it, my friend wants to know how he will get his money back for the false advertisement

gokuking2046d ago

That hasn't been disclosed yet. All that's been stated is that Sony will email those in the purchase period to notify them of the settlement.

The article hasn't been removed:

Gemmol2046d ago

your the best and thank you for the heads up