Gears of War 2 : Behind the scenes - Multiplayer

Epic Games published a new Behind the Scenes video of Gears of War 2. New maps, new modes, new weapons, and new finishing moves are revelead. Enjoy.

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poos33768d ago

SHHOE BE GONE PEST IF your goig to post a gears of war 2 footage POST THE 720P VERSION WHY IS IT ALL STEALTH FANBOYS ON THIS SITE THINK WE are stupid posting pixilated clips this is the hd version change your post and add this vidroid

n00bzRtehgey3767d ago

All these fanboy news posters can do is try and make everyone think the game looks like sh1t. but too bad for them, they can't block HD torrents and HD sites like Gamersyde from showing the real truth about how amazing Gears looks....IN HD.

thehitman3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )


Edit: Yes its a duplicate

JokesOnYou3768d ago

Its duplicate....seen it already lots of times, this one is better quality though, but as much as I want to see this game I sure hope they don't release too much before its released, I like to have a few surpises to go along with already looks like an amazing game.


chanto233767d ago

this is the only thing i hate about EPIC...they show everything before releasing their games...i know they have kept the campaign on closed doors so far, but they have practically shown everything about the multiplayer...

tudors3768d ago

this version looks much better, this game is going to rock big time.

MasterChief28293767d ago

Gamersyde has the best version