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Far Cry 4 is a good game, but the lack of any real significant improvements or advancements over its predecessor may be enough to turn some people away.

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DefenderOfDoom22048d ago

Well , i am going to buy this game . I will probably wait till i can score it 40 dollars new.

Scatpants2048d ago

Lack of any improvements or advancement over it's predecessor? It's only better in every possible way. Sure it has similar objectives to the last one, that's kinda how sequels work. Did the reviewer expect it to be a soccer management sim or something?

joab7772048d ago

This was my biggest fear. I know some ppl love just running around causing chaos w/ friends and for that it's a beautiful sandbox to do some crazy $#!t.

For me though, I couldn't get through the last one b/c it was too damn repetitive. Like many games today, u get generic objectives to secure an area.

I want next gen to be more dynamic. Like MGS, the world reacts to what u do and adapts. Maybe some alternative methods to claiming or freeing areas.

It's not a bad game but there's too many other games right now.