Sony Expands PSN With Man's BFF List

Sarcasticgamer writes:

Sony upped the ante and changed the game when they expanded their friends list from 50 to 100 yesterday. Not content to merely keep up with Microsoft's vaunted Live online service, Sony announced another startling addition to the Playstation Network.

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TrevorPhillips3789d ago

PS3 + PSN keeps getting better and better :)

Condoleezza Rice3789d ago

With reliability,an open and free Network,and a MUCH improved Online division that now consists of the skilled SOE,it's clear that the platform can only get better and better from an Online and feature standpoint from here on out.

Lord Anubis3789d ago

i hope people realize that whole thing was a joke.

Sevir043789d ago

I'm sorry to bust your bubble, but while the PS3's Cell Has 8 Core no one game will ever use all 8 point in noting because games only have 6 cores to use for producing games. the other 2 are basically on standby ops. meaning 1 core is left un-used and placed for redunancy should one of the 6 available for game development goes bad and the other is used for the Operating System. This has been said since the conception of the Ps3 when it's Cell and RSX chipset became finalized. So i'm more pronged to believe that God of War 3 will Be closer to using all 6 of the core available for Coding. because they hav been working on that game since the PS3 launched and when God of War 2 came closed in production. and went gold. with That being said.

We are in for a treat if they Show just a teaser and it shows the Games engine which we already know is amazing because of that lingering in the shadows trailer they showcased last year november.

Condoleezza Rice3789d ago

Sony are really listening to their fans and are delivering on the desires and needs of each one in a respectable time frame.

TrevorPhillips3789d ago

PS3 is so powerful i mean look at killzone 2 its close to the trailer we saw and the game is only using 4 cores out of 8 i mean the ps3 is a beast imagine using all 8 cores faaarr i can imagine it :)

Condoleezza Rice3789d ago

Wait until you see God of War III,I'm 100% positive SCE Santa Monica will deliver a jaw dropping game that showcases the raw horsepower of the Playstation 3 Console.

I believe the first game to utilize all 8 of the powerful cores will be Uncharted 2,and even then we might not be witnessing the full graphical potential of the Playstation 3!

getrdone3789d ago

Just to let you guys know that no game will ever use all 8 cores, a game can only use 6, because one is used for the OS and im sure it will help in-game xmb and the last one will never be used because not ever cell chip is perfect.

getrdone3789d ago

for the people that disagreed with me read this. I couldnt find the one that sony wrote but sony specification is for 7 SPEs to work.

Pizza The Hut3789d ago

...the PS3 game selection, and features when I first purchased it left much to be desired, but it seems like they've really come into their own as of recent

Exile__3789d ago


Man's Best Friend list?

WTF? This can't be serious right?

shysun3789d ago

I thought the same damn thing...WTF?! :( Well atleast my list is 100 now!

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The story is too old to be commented.