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Neil writes "I’ve spent many an hour with the Far Cry series. From the humble Instincts beginnings, through the open worlds of Far Cry 2 and the outstanding Far Cry 3, and even taking in a bit of the 80’s with Far Cry Blood Dragon, I’ve played the lot. Far Cry 4 is therefore something I’ve been looking forward to seeing.

But has Ubisoft delivered us something better than the rest? Something deserving of the Far Cry name but at the same time taking the series on a step further?

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oKidUKo2049d ago

Still haven't played the third Far Cry but the co-op element should help with this one. Safety in numbers!

dieger2049d ago

Totally don't agree with the score 4.5 there are too many reused weapons and animations to get a perfect score but its a total 4.5

markyboy21812048d ago

this game is frustating crap NOWHERE NEAR as god as fc3