'Far Cry 4' Is A Card That Ubisoft Can Only Play Once

Forbes: I’ve recently taken some time out of saving the world and romancing elves in Dragon Age: Inquisition to finally fire up Far Cry 4. With both games released on the same day, and both receiving high praise, it can be hard to know which one to pick up and start first, though your past experience with the two series and their respective genres will probably lead you one way or another.

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LiQuiZoN2051d ago

I agree. FC4 looks and plays pretty great on my PC, but I have this funny feeling I have not only played it before, but have been driven to do the same things before by the same antagonists. I most likely will not buy FC5.

Also.. I HATE UPLAY! The idea that I need to run a service on top of my primary service (steam) is not only annoying, but it is completely unneeded and UPLAY will not be used, not for the friends list, not for the rewards, but simply to play the game.

1nsomniac2051d ago

I'm the same, I'm not really enjoying FC4. I put a lot of hours into FC3 & only just went back to finish it off a few months ago. So when I came to playing FC4 everything just felt stale.

So far I'm about 8 hours into it & I havnt felt excited about playing it at any stage so far. Maybe it's just because I'm bored of the series & there's been several games release at the same time. Despite what people sprouted on N4G Pin Ming is also not even in the same league as Vaas.

FC3 was fun, exciting & fresh. FC4 for me at least so far has been dull & repetitive. I'm left feeling my money was a little wasted in all fairness.

16bitNutritionist2051d ago

Its not dull and repetitive it's beautiful and captivating, its just that its similar to Far Cry 3 that you feel this way. They do need to mix it up next though for sure.

cfeste2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

That is why you shouldn't play the same type of game over and over. If its repetitive, you should play a different type of game altogether. I had this problem with God of War, played 1 and then 2 right after. You need to mix it up, man. Complaining about it is just bitching.

Hereiamhereibe22051d ago

Pagan Min, and hes actually a really interesting character in fact i would say i havent met one character in this game and found them to be dull or boring, this game is jam packed with excitement granted any game is gonna have a hard time competing with its predecessors, that mission where you burn down the pot fields in FC3 was a hallmark moment for sure but im waiting until i finish FC4 before i decide how i feel about it.

2051d ago
Ozmoses2051d ago

Yes I agree.. I was initially on the fence with FC4..

I went ahead and bought it. I've played a little but it does seem like I've played it all before.

Haven't played it in a few days now. I'm on Dragon Age, Destiny (Crucible) and Geometry Wars 3 right now. I'll slowly take my time with FC4... or maybe I should just demolish it real quickly and trade it back.

FlameWater2051d ago

Looks like a graet game but I've played it before. Just gonna wait for a $20 steam sale

Tzuno2051d ago

I finished the game, a lot to do but all that is repetitive and done and done. Still worth a play though...

shammgod2051d ago

same game, different setting and animals

thricetold2050d ago

Yep, expect the same from all future titles from Ubishaft.

die_fiend2051d ago

Yes it's quite like Far Cry 3 but it is improved. The unpredictability is astonishing. If you replay the same part multiple times (because you're dying and suck), you'll see completely different things driving down the same road.

With a friend, the game is a blast. Add 4 player next time and you've got another sale. Assassin's however? I've bought every game in the series, not had any major complaints, but Unity got liquidated for GTA5 (again)

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