The Crew: Alpha Test Results

Article about The Crew Alpha Test.


I've noticed the author has since updated alpha to beta in the title and article.

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jriquelme_paraguay2046d ago

The Crew: Alpha Test Results: NOPE

Cid332046d ago

whas it not a beta test? and IMO not a game i will buy, looks like a hd remaster of an ps2 game. Cars handling was really bad even for an arcade style racer, but of course this is my opinion i dropped it after 4h

InTheZoneAC2046d ago

typically when someone stats something it's always their opinion....unless of course it's a proven fact...

Blues Cowboy2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

Not entirely sure why the author refers to it as an "alpha" considering that it's referred to as a "beta" even in the screenshots, but to be honest even that's a joke.

Ubisoft calling this a beta is ridiculous to start with. The game's out in less than a month. It's not a beta, it's a demo, and by the looks of things it's putting as many people off as it is convincing them to buy it.

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