The Dark Knight XBOX 360

If you didn't know by now, The Dark Knight (movie) will be coming to theaters near you very soon with advertisements for this promising movie popping up almost anywhere. The people over at Microsoft and Domino's have teamed up for a upcoming giveaway know as "Cards Tell the Tale".

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jwatt3860d ago

Yea the colors look just right.

ajeben8093860d ago

good to know MS are milking the dark knight for their console

The Dark Knight3860d ago

I want that console.

If it involves solving world hunger I WILL DO IT!!!!

Bubble Buddy3860d ago

That looks sick. I want an Iron Man one too.

The Dark Knight3859d ago

looks like no one wants to solve world hunger..
TYPICAL FANBOYS TYPICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now disagree with me ;)

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GCO Gamer3860d ago

they should have put these in stores

KBDuB3860d ago

It'd be nice. But, then they wouldn't be limited-edition. =P

xhairs93860d ago

They could just sell the skins separately that'd be great right?

sdogg3859d ago

I am thinking about getting a 360 in the fall especially if the rumored $299.99 pro model is true. Be nice to win this one seeing as it looks badass. Seeing as i own a ps3 this one would like mighty nice next to it.

Pizza The Hut3860d ago

...but wouldnt the dark night edition look better on the black PS3? and for the 360 they could have done a GREEN and Purple Joker edition? or is it just me

GCO Gamer3860d ago

it really doesn't matter as along as it looks cool

power of Green 3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

This is a 360 thread and the 360 is black too.

LOL The black 360 is very popular and you mentioned one of the sku's color chosing one over the other as an excuse to mention your preffered toy lol.

3860d ago
3860d ago
Amp3859d ago

lol.. I cant say anything without letting you know im laughing... lol.Doesnt matter if i use POG, or Ive never been in a PS3 thread

devilhunterx3859d ago

Pizza man. That actually makes sense. Like the Vader vs Yoda thing on SC4. XB2 is a joke anyway, and like the Joker it can burn down houses and maim people :P

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TheColbertinator3860d ago

Ver nice and slick 360.Wish I had it.Along with that Mass Effect 360

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The story is too old to be commented.