Celebrate 20 years of PlayStation with 20 things you didn't know about its origins

MWEB GameZone writes: "PlayStation turns 20 on 3 December, so to celebrate the event, here's a list of 20 things not even hardcore PlayStation fans probably know.

Things like where did the name "PlayStation" come from, or that the PlayStation was originally intended to be a Nintendo console. The most surprising fact is that Sony did not even want to move into gaming at all."

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Sillicur2046d ago

Wow, some extremely interresting things here i had no clue of! Awesome read :)

SonZeRo2045d ago

Knew about some of them, still interesting read. Happy upcoming Bday Playstation, hope you continue to kick xbox backside.

HanCilliers2045d ago

I loved that $299 line. Such brilliance from Sony

HoldenZA2046d ago

Wow some of those logo's look crazy. Glad they settled on what they have now.

PlayStation 2 was the console that I think I spent way too much time on. Sony have definitely been pioneers for our gaming generation.

Shadow Flare2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

I think there's a typo on number 5. Pretty sure SCE wasn't created in 1933, but rather 1993.

Does proof reading exist anymore?

It is an interesting article though

Don't know if its well known or not but there was a black PS1 system called Net Yaroze. Sony released this system and it was a development kit. Which meant anyone could buy it and create their own ps1 games. Which is completely awesome. And they still support such ideas like this through things like littlebigplanet

Rare Sony Net Yaroze Playstation System Review - …:

opoikl2045d ago

Lol, I was already googling this too... Computer Entertainment as early as the 1930's, haha, even Nazi Germany couldn't dream of something so futuristic back in those days.

MRMagoo1232045d ago

I had a net yaroze , the games you made on it could get on the monthly demo disc.

Bathyj2045d ago

Rocks and Gems, a Boulder Dash clone. Man I loved that game.

HanCilliers2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

ROFL! Typo indeed, corrected thanks - 1994

Bathyj2045d ago

14. Who was PlayStation's biggest rival? - When the original PlayStation released in America, its biggest rival was the Sega Saturn. The Sega Saturn sold for $399; Sony countered it by giving the shortest speech in E3 history. SCE America president, Steve Race said one word, $299 and walked off the stage.

I'm pretty sure that was the genesis for the Mike Drop as well.

HanCilliers2045d ago

You've got any links to that?

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