Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode 2 on Display at PAX '08

"A release date has not yet been set, but the guys have confirmed a few neat details, such as the fact that your character will transfer from Episode 1 with all skills intact and some new bonuses as well. Also, while they aren't talking release yet, they have confirmed that work on Episode 2 is all but done, and they've actually started the animation sketches for Episode 3."

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aubradley3767d ago

This pleases me. I love the first one, and if the second fixes the few flaws from the first I'll be in heaven.

Superfragilistic3767d ago

Yeah I agree, it's a refreshing change of pace on XBLA and it the art, humour and (once I got used to it) combat are all exceptional.

The only downside is that each one will cost me 1600points! :(