Ozzy and Sting to Appear in Guitar Hero: World Tour?

"Thus far, the legend list includes Sting, Ozzy Osbourne, Ted (The Nuge) Nugent, Billy Corgan, Jimi Hendrix, Travis Barker, Hayley Williams, and Zak Wylde. No doubt someone out there will complain about the omission of some random guitar player only the "hip kids" know about, but for those firmly rooted in mainstream music, it's a pretty good list."

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Relin3768d ago

You've done well so far to step up and compete with Rock Band. You've obviously decided to go one step further and bring on a sizable list of major musicians, and I respect that, too. That only does enough to put me on the fence between your product and EA's - if you can promise Tool and/or Dream Theater, you'll have a definite sale.

aubradley3768d ago

I think the latest rumored track list has a bit of Tool in it, so you'd best go get your pre-order on. :)

MazzingerZ3767d ago

Ozzy doesn't play guitar, he can't actually play anything...just harmonica I think, I'd like intstead a Rock Band 'Sabbath - Ozzy's Era"

RecSpec3767d ago

Um, you are aware that World Tour will have a mic (and drums) along with the guitar right?

MazzingerZ3767d ago

...but Ozzy doesn't sing neither LOL....I love Sabbath and Ozzy

ironwar233767d ago

write his songs either even though he claims to