Vegas 2 Expansion Nothing But A COD 4 Clone

Ubisoft have acknowledged the problems plaguing Rainbow Six Vegas 2 by releasing a free expansion pack. This looks to address the lack of value in the title through, well, basically adding everything you love about you new favourite online shooter, Call Of Duty 4.
But is this blatant rip-off enough to bring gamers back, or is it too little too late?

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SPECTER3768d ago

if they fix it back to pre update spawns etc.. than i pick this over cod4 any day

Storm233768d ago

I love this game and an update like this is very welcomed...especially because it is free.

Can't wait to play it next month.

OOG3768d ago

I wouldnt exactly call this cloning cod4 only thing would be the grenade indicator which is kinda gay

Mutley4163768d ago

Sorry but RB6V franchise is terrible...they promised some stuff for the first one and did`nt deliver either-
Tom Clancy is Dead to me, No updates and no Customer support=I will never buy a game from them again.

Hagaf223768d ago

i didnt know any one was still playing this game...

Storm233768d ago

Many people still play this game online. I love it.

AlterEgo3768d ago

$0.00 Map Pack

$9.99 Map Pack

That's the difference.

SonySoldierEternaL3768d ago

COD4 > R6V2

THIS is the REAL difference

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The story is too old to be commented.