PlayStation Experience Notebook Teaser

Many surprises await at PlayStation Experience 2014.

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Relientk772046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

Bring the Hype, bring the games!

edit: Pause video at 0:18 there's a link:

Rimgal2046d ago

It's probably the next game from David Jaffe that they are teasing.

Relientk772046d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Yeah, just watched the video, and I defnitely agree

wonder what it is

edit: I'm re-watching the video, looking at the clowns, and people seeing if I see Sweet Tooth anywhere lol

0:13 in Haunted video/the link, Sweet Tooth and a sword?

SoapShoes2045d ago

Jaffe is so creative, one of my favorite designers. I really hope it's Twisted Metal though.

Eonjay2046d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Holy Crap... this just took a turn... David Jaffe...
God of War?

Another hint... the blurred out image show a sword and also the hidden video shows a sword on the wall.

Rimgal2046d ago

The easter egg in this video is at 00:18

Thatguy-3102045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Another survival horror game? Looks interesting. Do you think it can be the game that campcom is teasing?

Edit: it's kind of disturbing seeing David in the video like that. One more week to see whats in stores for us Playstation gamers.

Eonjay2045d ago

David Works for Santa Monica Studios so definitely not Capcom.

SoapShoes2045d ago

^Not unless they brought him back. Jaffe hasn't been there since GOW1. He founded Eat, Sleep, Play but eventually left that too. Dunno where he is now.

Rimgal2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

This is David Jaffe new studio. Not a lot information of what they are working on.

And Santa Monica studio promised a special guest to the Playstation event. It has to be David Jaffe.

PS4theplayers2045d ago

David Jaffe? Can't be... *_*

scark922045d ago

David Jaffe Cakes! He has been working on a new project I am sure, I do not think it is a known IP, I wonder if the theme is horror!

x_RadicalAura_x2045d ago

According to his tweets it won't be a horror game, but you never know with Jaffe! He's a sneaky guy.

Predaking772045d ago

David Jeffe, just enough to be very excited

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