More Sonic Unleashed Wii Scans

The guy who originally posted up the scans for Sonic Unleashed sent in some more scans from the current issue of Nintendo Power.

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xuchu3816d ago

that looks worse than PS2 graphics

Smacktard3815d ago

lol wii graphix looks wurse then snes lol XD XD

God, some people just make you feel embarrassed for them.

Monteblanco3815d ago

Actually, they look much better than PS2.

crck3815d ago

you can bet the Wii version is just a port of it. So highly doubtful it will look much better then the ps2 version.

cooke153815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

looks better than what ps2 could do

ChickeyCantor3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

These images look a tad better then the last 2, I need to see it in motion.

I wonder if they took the PS2 or Wii as their main Build for this game....

Silogon3815d ago

Looks Donkey, guys. Looks real Donkey.

Perverted3815d ago

It doesn't look that bad....Just not good enough....Still looks too dull...but that is likely caused by it being a scanned image.
The Sonic looks bad...but the backgrounds look ok....Besides if your in the Wii section you don't need super awesome GFX you just need ok graphics and great controls.....
But I still don't buy any game that's ported from the ps2.....I support devs that try, not lazy ones.

ChickeyCantor3815d ago

its not like this game was already out for the PS2, if they wanted to make one from ground up for the Wii they would have needed a second team.
Its mostlikely all versions will be released at the same time, and if there was 1 build just for the Wii they would have needed more people.
I dont think this is really lazy, its not like the game was already out or something.

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