Sunset Overdrive gets new weapons pack, player voting and more

Neil writes "Sunset Overdrive is constantly evolving and as from today, the first player vote will take place, a new weapons pack is in the house and you’ll be able to get lost in its music!"

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MK24ever2047d ago

It feels, like with Sony, Microsoft exclusives are falling into obscurity very fast, I'm still from a time that when a good game was launched it would be played and talked about for many months, now it's talked for 2 weeks and forgotten for the most part.

Sunset Overdrive specially feels like it's already forgotten, maybe despite all the hype and decent reviews.. not many people actually bought it, or kept playing it for long?

Ryan7412047d ago

Most do other than the biggest of the biggest.

mikeslemonade2047d ago

I was trying to figure why I don't have much motivation for this game even though the game is very well made. And then I figure it's just the countless number of shooters we play.

There's some interesting missions but most are still in the realm of aiming and shooting. Then you got enemies respawning. It's the same generic formula. The pLatforming and environment is well done so that was why I'm actually able to finish the game. Games like COD single player campaign I haven't yet.

Dreamcaster2047d ago

It's not just their exclusives. it's all games in general. Gamers have become spoiled when there's so many great releases released nearly monthly some times. I remember back in the SNES/Genesis days, you got maybe 2-4 BIG titles a year & they had staying power but now there's something new & fresh around the corner every week it seems and this is also a busy time of the year so it's like movies at the box office where you have your big debut & then a HUGE dropoff.

Plus most websites don't do as many articles on games once they're released unless they're big goof ups like Driveclub or Halo MCC.

MK24ever2047d ago

That might be the case, and I remember to well of the SNES and Mega-Drive/Genesis days.

But still, an article about a very recent game that supposedly many people should have bought considering all the hype from Xbox gamers and media and even from fanboys from other companies and we have 4 comments on it... weird, very weird.

Saijahn2047d ago

I never understood the hype of SO. The free day they had Saturday, I downloaded it until 78% and played it for maybe 15 minutes before I uninstalled it. It's a mediocre game at best. It's been a disappointing year for gaming.

kstap332047d ago

Most reviews indicate the game gets great about an hour in. I agree with those reviews. SSO is great fun. You missed out. And I don't even like open world games for the most part.

KiwiViper852047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

15 minutes? Really?

Ye you didn't play it long enough. Once you unlock the super jump and air-dash it really makes the traversal flow much faster. Not to mention the steady flow of awesome weapons, amps, overdrives, and a wide array of enemy types.

You pretty much played an opening cut scene.

tinynuggins2047d ago

15 minutes!? I hated the first 45 minutes but then I pushed through it and now it's one of my top favorite games of the year. You hit that sweet sport a little after an hour in. Such a fun game.

Saijahn2044d ago

It's just not the game for me. I was excited for it when it was announced but all it took me was that little time to see that i'm glad i passed on it. If you enjoy the game though, more power to you :).

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neil3632047d ago

I'm not sure it's an exclusivity thing, maybe just a timing problem?

Sunset released and then so did all manner of other stuff....including some massive triple A titles.

There's been absolutely shed loads of games to play recently and as is the way of the world nowadays, the vast majority of us want/need to play the new releases straight away.

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ghostface92047d ago

http://www.microsoftstore.c... for anyone interested sunset will be 40 on black friday

WeAreLegion2047d ago

I'm so glad they released the soundtrack. Excellent music. It's available on Google Music, so I added it to my library.