Spencer: Xbox Would Do Fine Without Me; Check XB1 Store This & Next Week

Phil Spencer assures gamers that Xbox would do fine even without himself, and tips gamers to check the Xbox One store for upcoming deals.

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ccgr2047d ago

Amazing what a price cut can do

yarbie10002047d ago

Amazing what good exclusives & constant updates to your software can do

PeaSFor2047d ago

"Xbox Would Do Fine Without Me"
i doubt it, the xbone was a total trainwreck until spencer took the reins.

Webbyy2047d ago

Yup and also according to many. a price cut would not be doing the x1 any good.

Quite the opposite is happening. Phil is doing a great job with x1. He is the best guy for the job.

Baka-akaB2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Yeah i dont see it doing as well without Spencer . I'm not going to call him jesus or anything . But at the very least the perception that he'd be behind all changes or all things positive helped a lot .

And he was so far actually behind many of those changes , or in a position to push them further

dredgewalker2047d ago

Spencer did a great job turning around the reputaton of the xbox one compared to Don who made such a mess of things.

AngelicIceDiamond2047d ago

@Pea I agree.

Xbox wouldn't do fine with out him. At least right now it wouldn't.

If Phil stepped down we'll have a Don Mattrick clonw coming through and screwing Xbox all over again.

We know this.

tbone5672047d ago

Xbox 360 domination over PS3 was Don mattrick.

PeaSFor2047d ago

tbone567 uh?

how could the 360 have "dominated" when it launched a full years in front of the ps3 but ended up at pretty much the same worldwide sales number?

if i let you start a 1000m 10 seconds before me but i finish at the same time than you...... you aint dominating me kiddo.

700p2047d ago

In phil we trust. He gave us great games and great software updates!!

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Alexious2047d ago

It's way more than a price cut, Spencer did many other things.

sp0tlessmind2047d ago

What exactly did he do???

Did he Just tweet about Xbox deals? LOL

Phil isn't the saving grace of xbox. Sorry it is business as usual. Force gamers to try something "new" *cough* kinect 2.0. Make a quick buck and then give them what they want.

Baka-akaB2047d ago

Dumping a whole pointless focus on tv and shows , when there was a dire need to rebrand toward gaming ?

Most likely fast tracking games ? As opposed as resting upon the laurels of Gears or Halo ?

Stealing home exclusivity like Tomb Raider , even if it's a controversial and dirty move ?

A sudden change in PR , where instead of pretending you can follow the PS4 and match it each game for the resolutions and "raw power" , you avoid such discussion or outright lying about it ?

Stop BSing about the power of the cloud , even if you can't stop advertising a feature ?

And temper expectations about direct X 12 on a current console ?

I forgot more , and I'd say that the tone definitively changed . Wich is all you can ask from a man in his position anyway . Just like the tone changed with Kaz hirai or Tretton or Yoshida in charge at Sony .

3-4-52047d ago

I think Spencer actually made everyone hold themselves accountable for their mistakes.

It's like Ratrick allowed people to lie, and was a part of the manipulation.

Yetter2047d ago

Just to be clear, the XB1 has not had a 'price cut'. There are now multiple SKUs and some don't include Kinect. There is a 50$ off sale until January. Whether or not MS chooses to make this 50$ off permanent is still up in the air. I would suspect so, but as of now we do not know

jspsc1232047d ago

They have not had a price cut? You can go to the store and buy it cheaper than when it came out. hmmmm what words could be used to describe this?

Alexious2047d ago

I hope he will be true to his words regarding the increased PC games support by Microsoft.

susanto12282047d ago

The day it went 349 me and my 3 buddies immediately picked one up off Amazon exactly what we were waiting for patiently.....yah baby

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Imp0ssibl32047d ago

I think Xbox One could have been amazing if Phil had been there from its inception, just like Cerny. No more Kinect crap and better tech for sure

SoapShoes2047d ago

He was and he was a huge supporter of their original plan.

AngelicIceDiamond2047d ago

Phil was working under Don.

Tell me what did you expect Phil to do?

lategamer2046d ago

He's been there for years bud.

pompombrum2047d ago

I'm not so sure if the Xbox brand would have been fine without him. While the initial hate followed by the popularity of the PS4 would certainly have had the alarm bells going, Phil Spencer was needed to steer the ship onto the correct path. I dread to think where the Xbox One would be if Mattick was still in charge.

TheEnigma3132047d ago

Thank god Mattick isn't still in control. That guy was a tool.

hello122047d ago

2- 3 million consoles sold if they were lucky for the year. The x box 1 launch would have been awful if DON was still there. To be honest x box fans and PS4 actually agree on 1 thing Don was terrible, he did the x box brand lot of damage and it took almost 8 months to recover from it.

I believe Microsoft learned a lot from those mistakes and i don't expect the same mistakes again when we see the next console

Paytaa2047d ago

What Phil has been doing is very reminiscent of the early OG Xbox days and that's why I'm already loving this direction way more than the majority of the 360 era. The focus on games hasn't been this strong in years for the Xbox brand and just overall fun is very prominent. Can't wait to see what 2015 and beyond has in store for Xbox!

Alexious2047d ago

It would have been lucky to break 7-8 million shipped.

rainslacker2047d ago

The biggest thing Phil brought to the brand was a likable PR face to the XBox brand. The changes being made would all be corporate board based, with Phil possibly behind pushing them, but no one can deny that Phil is much more personable than the previous management. Even when everything was going poorly at the reveal and E3, Phil was the least deplorable of the old execs.

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TheEnigma3132047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

He actually pulled the Xbox out of the abyss. Don Mattick nearly killed the Xbox; now he's over at Zynga destroying them.

Don Mattick= Charles Barkley "turrable"

qwerty6762047d ago

i like him because hes actually a gamer, besides just a normal business shill.

n4rc2047d ago

So is major nelson tho and he still gets tons of flak.. Lol

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