Origin Black Friday Mega Sale 2014: Up To 75% Off On Games Like Crysis, Far Cry 3, More

Techtorial: Origin's Black Friday Mega Sale is now live giving discounts up to 75% off.

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pumpactionpimp2046d ago

far cry 3... on origin? Did I miss something?

badz1492046d ago

Mega Sale my ass! those prices are ridiculous for what they call a "sale" and a MEGA at that too!

BattleAxe2046d ago

Not to mention that most of the sale items are DLC. It makes me sick to see how much DLC Battlefield 4 has.

hiredhelp2046d ago

No origin has been doing Ubi games too

pumpactionpimp2046d ago

Interesring. I was unaware. Still buy stuff on steam if I can though.

USMC_POLICE2046d ago

If I buy a ubi game off origin it still is activated on uplay right?

hiredhelp2046d ago

Yeh because the launcher in root is uplay and game.

pompombrum2046d ago

I wonder if the 75% thing will stack with the mexican region trick? If so, that's going to be some crazy savings.

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