The Word Rape is Sadly Engrained in Gaming Culture

Rape is the new pwnage. It’s unfortunately become common lingo used among gamers (mostly male), when referring to defeating another player or team to a humiliating degree. So for example: “We totally raped the other team in League of Legends last night.”

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PoSTedUP2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

i use "rape" "murdered" "slaughtered". rape is an act of crime in which a man or women can be a victim of, by the same or opposite sex. "f*g" is different, its meant to directly offend one party, the gay male, in the form of bigotry. not just one sex can be offended by the word rape. whom ever has been, or maybe has known some one, that has been a victim of rape, can be offended. can it offend some? yeah, if you use it to hurt someone feelings in a direct sense of "im going to rape that chick" but then again you have people (women) that dont care or take offense to it; just like how "bi***" is thrown around left and right. its a normal part of some cultures like hiphop, dont like it? get out. am i going to care about your feelings while im using the term metaphorically while "raping" you in the final 3 mins of a match? Nope. should i have to censor the word "r**e" while writing about it like "f*g" "n******" or "bi***"? no, not in my opinion. ive been saying it since socom on the ps2. im not gonna change my lingo for a minority of a minority in my culture that may or may not have anything to do with the direct definition of the term, sorry. good try though and good luck with trying to do whatever youre trying to do. cheers.

The Meerkat2441d ago

A'holes are going to be A'holes.

Ignoring them or muting them is the best policy.
Complaining about them or arguing with them just gives them the attention they desire.

BiggCMan2440d ago

I used it when I was like 12 way before online games came, and when couch multiplayer was still the best. But then I grew up....into a 13 year old and have never used it since. I find myself using the word "destroyed" all the time now, and I think that is friendly enough, with a little bit of comedy in it.

IQUITN4G2441d ago

I knew someone that occasionally dropped this word in multiplayer much to my disappointment. His wife's friend was subject to the actual horror that is this crime and from that point I never heard him mention it. Tried on occasion to point out that it wasn't really necessary to use the word in that way but fell on death ears at the time

It simply comes down to ignorance though because if you're truly aware of the impact of this then you're not going to be so insensitive as to use. I'm sure most of us wouldn't say something potentially distressing to friends or family so why do so at all for people we don't know

born_naughty2441d ago

To be fair, words are just that, words. And yes, friends and family are definitely the first to get f*cked in the *ss by me when in multiplayer matches. What world do you live in?
In never play online though as I don't have any interest in playing with people I can't even see.

FriedGoat2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

How do you play with all that jiggling around when your F-ing your family in the A?

PoSTedUP2440d ago

its not a world, its a bubble, the bubble you start out in . the real world brings the senitive to their nees. its not until they get a taste of the real world that they learn to understand that they are just words and that the world is a very f***** up place with way more important issues, problems and concerns (like actual rape for example). no doubt not using the word out of respect is a positive thing. but real life is really cruel to the point where it will force you back into a bubble (your own little bubble/second bubble) a completely different person with a different outlook on life. yeah, in most cases, being insenstive; numb, careless etc. people get offended way too easy over every little thing for me to care about most of the little things. you cant please everyone and trust me you will die or go mental trying to, so its just "stupid" to me.

pelida2441d ago

Yeah let's all stop using it. It's a horrible word that describes one of the most horrific crimes a human being could suffer.

born_naughty2441d ago

At least I can understand and pronounce the word. What the hell is pwnage?

DukeOfStilwater2440d ago

I've never really understood it myself. I just "go along with it". lol

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