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A video and text based review looking at whether it's worth playing GTA V again in the Xbox One/PS4 updated version.

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Bubiii2055d ago

Playing on PS4, it's a blast (10/10)

3-4-52055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

I re-bought it and then took it back the next day.

* The driving is what did it for me.

* Compared to any game post 2006 the driving in GTA 5 sucks. It's just not fun or updated at all.

It feels like playing a game from 2002.

* The graphical updates are nice though, and first person was fun for like 20 minutes.

I still liked GTA4 better, but GTA5, for those who haven't played it yet does contain some value.

MarcoGT2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

I agree about the driving, I loved IV so much because of the driving and raced hundreds of hours.
But GTA V is a damn fine game and I try to live with it even though it makes me so pissed off sometimes how boring the driving is.
But you can't please everyone and it seems the majority like basic physics, auto aim etc. Basically easy to play games (COD for example)
So Rockstar had to to what they had to do to make the dough.

XboxOneX2055d ago

I can recommend buying the game again on Xbox One or Ps4 the first person mode is amazing and the graphics look crisp. i am just waiting now for HEISTS and it will be amazing.

lildudexst2055d ago

Not worth 60$ no more. Pick this game up when it dirt cheap or good deal going. Trust do not rush to pick this up save your money. Few my admin friend tried the heist for a beta test trust not worth the wait. Most you get out of heist is like 200,000 my friend said not much but better then jobs.I'm shock heist is still not out and this the ps4 and xbox one now wtf not great year for next gen. No game but far cry 4 or dragon age is game of the years.

ainTgoTTime2bleed2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Just a hint for those bitching about the driving, you need to up the characters driving skill and it will play even better than last gen's driving....The driving is amazing once you up the skill;)...Another thing if you managed to grab a canis mesa(Merryweather jeep) you can have as many copies as you want doing the Michaels garage bug or whatever, I got 3 for each character;)