Sacred 2: Fallen Angel "High Elf Combat Arts" Trailer

New trailer featuring snippets of the different types of combat available to the High Elf character from within the game, including specific names and details of some of the character's key moves.

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zornik3763d ago

This is a sleeper hit to me........ok,no reviews yet,but you can see the quality of this game from a mile away.
Extra bonus....4 player co-op for the X360 and 2 player co-op on 1 TV.
With the recent trailers of Diablo 3 this game is the best alternative for this type of game and the quality comes very close to Blizzards Diablo 3.(knowing the original Sacred was always the best Diablo clone)
I know this type of game needs a special audience (isometric perspective)but i hope it sells well and the X360 port is on par with the PC version.
Sorry for my bad englisch.