Angry Chinese Xbox Gamers Accuse Microsoft of False Advertising

Microsoft's Xbox One was the first video game console launched in China since Sony's PlayStation 2 in 2004. But Chinese consumers who purchased the Xbox One are accusing the company of false advertising and have been attempting to return their systems.

According to Tech in Asia, the Xbox One in China was advertised to include BesTV, which is a video-steaming service and subsidiary of Shanghai Media Group. But it was never included and has yet to be added to the console

As a gesture of good faith, Microsoft will glve Xbox One users free BesTV memberships. Anyone who purchased the console before Oct. 10 will get six months of free video streaming, and those who purchased after the date will be getting three months of the service for free.

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gamer11382496d ago

Blame the Chinese government. They're the ones standing in the way.

G20WLY2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

If the government stood in the way of this they would have done so before MS began advertising, since MS would have verified this feature (and all others, as is the norm, especially in such a 'new' market) well in advance.

Are you suggesting the government has changed it's policy and that's why MS advertised this feature for their system? If so, I'd like to see a link to that effect, so we can all be clear?

gamer11382495d ago

If you paid any attention to the launch you would know it was cancelled last minute because the Chinese government had reservations about some of the capabilities of the console, like video streaming. At that time MS were talking about weeks maybe months in delays, then all of a sudden the path was clear and they could launch. That was three days after the announcement of the delay.

The Chinese market is a poisoned chalice because yes you can release a console but you are at the mercy of the government. Xbox was supposed to launch with nearly 50 games but has only released with 10 because the others are awaiting approval from the government's ministry of culture, I think it's called that, their censors basically.

G20WLY2495d ago

I was paying attention, but that's not how I remember it entirely...

This is what you get when you desperately grab for a market your main competitor hasn't yet cornered; you don't rush the Chinese.

medman2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Please. This is standard Microsoft operating procedure. Promise the world, deliver a tiny shanty town.

Palitera2495d ago

"As a gesture of good faith"?

More like as a gesture to dodge a massive lawsuit.

torchic2495d ago

for a streaming service? really?

johndoe112112495d ago

Doesn't matter if it's about the color of an led, false advertising is illegal in any country. When you promise customers to deliver a specific product upon purchase you need to deliver what was advertised.

donthate2495d ago

I am sure MS got it covered, but the laws in China are quite different than in western countries.

Kingdomcome2472495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Lol. You reminded me of Markiplier there.
Edit:Oops. That reply was intended for Bubii. (Which also reminds me of Wolfenstein)

Bubiii2495d ago

They made a mess even in China. They don't even have any competition over there. Oh, Microsoft you dun goofed?

kevnb2495d ago

But they do, there are tons of consoles sold unofficially

Ra30302495d ago

Wow it sure didn't take Microsoft long to have anti consumer trust issue in China did it. Though I don't think anyone thought it would be any different there than here. Sounds like Microsoft knew this was a problem when the console released and I'm sure they did but money being all their interested in played it like all was well and sold the console to willing custermers. Microsoft where there motto is "We don't care....and it shows!". Funny thing is people here really can't understand why so many Xbox 360 users went with the PS4 instead of the X1 and for most it has nothing to do with the PS4 being the better product it has to do with Microsoft being Microsoft and they will never change.

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